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  1. Community Kreationen - Pfadfinder auf dem Schirm (2. Ed.) - Gemüse-Cluster Translation into german - Übersetzt ins Deutsche https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/59-community-kreationen-pfadfinder-auf-dem-schirm-2-ed/ @sailtheatlas #playATLAS
  2. Am Horizont - Entwickler Blog - Gemüse-Cluster Übersetzung ins Deutsche https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/57-am-horizont-entwickler-blog/
  3. SGE-Update und kleiner Hotfix - Gemüse-Cluster Übersetung ins Deutsche - Translation into german https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/53-sge-update-und-kleiner-hotfix/
  4. Patch 525.06 - Sea Tower Buffs - Gemüse-Cluster Translation into german - Übersetzung ins Deutsche https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/51-patch-525-06-sea-tower-buffs/
  5. Community Kreationen - Pfadfinder auf dem Display - Gemüse-Cluster Übersetzung ins Deutsche - Translation into German https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/50-community-kreationen-pfadfinder-auf-dem-display/
  6. Fragen und Antworten mit den Entwicklern - Frage einen Piraten-Tag #10 - Gemüse-Cluster Translation into German -- Übersetzung ins Deutsche https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/47-fragen-und-antworten-mit-den-entwicklern-frage-einen-piraten-tag-10/
  7. Patch 524.10 - Passatwinde Major Update - Gemüse-Cluster https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/42-patch-524-10-passatwinde-major-update/
  8. In German. Übersetzt ins deutsche. Passatwind Update - Instruktionen für private Server - Gemüse-Cluster https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/41-passatwind-update-instruktionen-für-private-server/
  9. Question. Is the trading with all grid active again? Or is it still with the grid only you are sitting on?
  10. Are you serious. I can't even go to my boat with 3-5 FPS in my base. Before market I had 30-50FPS. I even ripped that market away. But nothing changed. Thanks for the fix. If it will come some day. I will not be here to say that. Going back to ARK and cuddle with the chibis.
  11. v23.2 problems with beeing stuck at the steering wheel. I would say half fixed. You can get off the steering wheel but there are still problems with steering or opening the map. SotD are still invisible. The improofment is, the cannons are visible. To see at the screenshot. These strange thing behind my boat- And a new problem what gets worse since 22.35. Structures aren't loading, ships forget how they are assembled. Attaching some picture And after the Relog. And at the end. Gardening is hard. You'll loose your arms.
  12. No fix with v23.0 for me. Problem still present. I get stuck on a schooner after a couple minutes of normal traveling. Playing on a private cluster. Debian8/9 Roots with wine.
  13. After the last patch 22.35 for the client. When I am sailing arround I get stuck on the steering wheel. I can hammer on the E-key and nothing happens. The ship doesn't turn or anything. My wife has the same problem since this morning. Pls fast fix for the problem.
  14. Still no changes. Our servers are now at v16.14. Server crashing and crashing. Last night redis was running for almost 22 hour. Now a series of crashes started again. On top of the crashes come some issues. One player can't join 2 of our 16 grids. Another player wasn't part of his tribe anymore. A ship exploded in the harbor and apeared at a different outpost it was taken away 4 real-time-days before. An admin tool for the redis server would be nice. On top some admin tools and tutorials, how to manage certain issues, would be awesome. Thx in advance. Hope you'll get it running. Besides some starter problems it is a nice game.
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