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  1. So there servers are back now....and what happened when we logged in??? Of course we got wiped thanks devs...best game I've ever played
  2. Is it possible to refund? I want my money back...never happened that I spend money on game that I cannot play at all...I understand it's early access and there might be bugs and some other issues...but that I buy a game and cannot play it all because there are no servers is a f***** Joke....that's the biggest scam I've ever seen....take this game out of the store and protect the players!!!
  3. I guess they will never officially release the game...it's a dead cat...for sure they run out of money and let the ship sink...already 4 days without fixing the problem....the devs are probably 2 guys working from their mum's basement...this game had a lot potential and could have made the same success like ark...but they crashed it against the wall
  4. It's all the same for Xbox player...they are aware of the problem and already trying to fix it...
  5. What's going on? Still no announcement...did they just leave the sinking ship or are they still on holidays drinking cocktails and laughing their asses off about the community? What's wrong with those devs? It's a fucking joke...
  6. Not sure if they will ever come back
  7. Same here...already 4 hours...
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