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  1. Looking to buy a female razertooth, will happily come and travel to pick her up, let me know your prices if anyone is selling and the level of the female, Thank you
  2. Can vouch for these guys, came across them yesterday and got in touch with them on their discord was really friendly and nice met up with them the same day and traded with them, really easy to find the base and the animals, and really really good prices for the animals, Cant go wrong buying from these guys will be buying from them again in the future +1 from The Sea Dogs in D7
  3. so all the time spent discovering shit has been for nothing good to know......
  4. Made the travel to Anne and her trading business today im normally really tight about gold and trading and expect people to rip you off however this was not the case with Anne went for a Rhino ended up coming home with a Rhino and a tiger haha good trades and friendly and easy to find would highly recommend to anyone and will happily be using again in the future
  5. WelshWolf

    Strange Issue

    haha figured it was something small thank you for your help
  6. do you guys have a rhino and are you willing to deliver?
  7. WelshWolf

    Strange Issue

    Ahoy mateys I was hoping maybe one of you could help me I feel like i have pressed something but dont know what or how to fix it all the items you can craft in your hands no longers shows up for me unless i have the materials to create it. this of course is super annoying when trying to figure out how much stuff i need to make certain things. can any of you help please As you can see the crafting only shows up when i have the mats needed
  8. WelshWolf

    sotd still sink anchored ships after 18.6

    go to a freeport get a raft and start making discoveries so you you can level up and respec again
  9. WelshWolf

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Anyone know where it is on EU PVE atm
  10. WelshWolf

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    still o7 but not for much longer
  11. WelshWolf

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    should be able to buy potions in the free port with water from the fountain in untill they fix it