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  1. Thx for the kind words. Hope to see you again soon.
  2. Oh great, but why would you release it now, and then turn it into a DLC monday? Makes the game library even more messed up, causing more issues in the end......
  3. So now you released another 7.3gb of crap, that we online MMO'ers can't use for anything. Instead we have to deal with servers that are unconnectable, content that are bugged out, no support in your tickets, ignoring players on forums/discord/support. When are you gonna fix issues before releasing more content, that just makes the game even more buggy? You should be scared of losing your last persistent part of the playerbase. #shameonyou
  4. MJR

    When support answers?

    They give a shit it seems. Been waiting on reply for weeks on 3 issues
  5. Bump. Tigers and Lions for sale... Mythical Small Shipyards for sale 190%
  6. Thx for the kind words. We hope to see you again.
  7. MJR

    network failed / host lost.

    Bump. Still a thing! Does the devs even care?
  8. EU PVE - The Whales Solitude... Grid B5 - Asgaards Bay at the flag. 14x Bears nonbred - 400g each. (2x 600g) (4x1000g) 10x Bears bred low - 30g a lvl 2x Elephants nonbred - 500g each 2x Giraf nonbred - 500g each 2x Rhino nonbred - 500g each 1x Wolf nonbred - 350g each 2x Horse nonbred - 350g each 1x Crab - 2000g each 5x Razortooth eggs 10k each (25-40) 200+ stam 10x Lions nonbred 500g each 10x Tigers nonbred 500g each Shops: Myth shipyard bp's. Armor bp's. Ironwood and Twigs DiscorD: https://discord.gg/WT7pEec
  9. MJR

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    We have the same exact issue Being forced to build in crap spots, but still paying the rent for a 122 Point island.
  10. Network: EU PVE The whales Solitude Grid: All Description of issue: When crossing to another region with ship or by bed, one is getting DC with host lost message. When trying to rejoin one gets Network fail. we are some that gets this, besides 1 crew in our company... Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: https://ibb.co/gg5Th3k https://ibb.co/C1Tjkvz Fixes: Tryed validating files in steam, tryed reinstall of game. -Noluck. Edit: I can join the NA PVE network without any issues.
  11. Having this issue again! everytime i change region.. And the live game support is a joke, still havent replied on my first ticket from this sunday... So why even bother making a new ticket...
  12. MJR

    claim Claim timer gone?

    Sometime earlier today we were able to see the claim "timer" in top right. Now it does not show an expire timer, wich makes it pretty hard to figure when to be ready to contest a flag. Before: https://ibb.co/3Mshv3y The change: https://ibb.co/qFYMzxW
  13. Get this fixed already DEVS! The people living on an island without a freshwater source (lake/river) are having a rough time. When the waterpipe system is bugged like this, and you can not place the underground water system, like the person above described. Also. When not being able to place an underground waterpipe, the only way to get a pipe system is the ugly way of pipe spamming..
  14. Why in the world would you change the respawn on bed timer from 1 min to 4 mins??? That is freaking annoying and game breaking! https://ibb.co/G7Db8hc