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  1. Helloooo beautiful People ! we just started selling our breeded bears ! they are currently between lvl 24 and 84 and are sold for 50 gold a level and come with atleast 60% Imprint bonus. 2 giraffs are currently growing up and in the near future we planning on selling parrots, tigers elephants and razors aswell ! join our discord down below if ur interested https://discord.gg/7vzcQXQ
  2. We Bought a lvl 42 razor and also a high bear(lvl75 its a fuckin beast xD) ,3 Giraffes, a Tiger and a Wolf ! All of them are super Amazing ... Never thought i would Ever find a razor That high But they made it Happen :D they are all super friendly specialy anne and Grace who actually spent a lot of Time keeping me Update to Date about my orders they Always answer super super quick and u rly feel how much they care about the poeple that buy stuff at theyre store ^^ my base is at k9 so traveling to d10 Feels like a world Travel ... But i already did it 2 times and Many times will follow. keep that good work Up !
  3. hey ! we are from pve eu k9 and looking for lions/tigers and a giraff
  4. puh thanks god i already got another heartattack
  5. Hey ! Will the Servers rly wipe with the next patch??? Or is that just a horrible HORRIBLE rly rly rly Bad joke ?!
  6. Hey ! Im lookin for an elephant a giraff a Tiger or lion and a razertooth in a high lvl for metall, Wood, stone, Fiber , ruby, thatch honey or Sugar Cane and maybe gold if its nothing to crazy We are located in K9 it shouldnt be to far away
  7. there is people that told me they died afer 100 :0 u sure there is no death after 100 years right now??? that would be so good x_x i dont care about the debuff that is kinda ok i think but loosing everything u own is just a pain in the ass it would also be rly cool if u could trade it ! that would make it less painful but still think they shoudlnt go for this whole age thing anyways
  8. u will loose eveyrthing ... ur ships ur hosue ur tames all ur levels everything just gone ... isnt it the greatest idea ever? there is a quest that gets u back to 20 years but its jsut super hard ... and the age debuff u get doesnt make it easier and the breeding child thing will probably come later
  9. that age system is just total garbage ... its not even important in which way they improve that system ... people spent a shit ton of hours already and loosing all that pogress just because they think its cool if u loose everything u have done so far just beacuse u dont want or just simply just cant do that quest alone .... ik there is some genius here again who will just say: "go then ! if u dont like it, this game isnt for u !" but i rly like the game i like everything about it from sailing to building the ship exploring all the regions to get the stuff i cant get from my island and trade that stuff in my own region or going on tresure hunt... and its just sad that a game with that much potential will loose a huge ammount of players if they stick with that stupid idea but im still pretty sure they will so ... whatever
  10. Hey, im lookin for a rhino ! i dont have much gold so a trade for resources would be amazing ! Im from K9
  11. Hm they could have Gave us an ingame message
  12. I wasnt able too ... It just showed me to creat a new Char but there was no Option to just rejoin like usually ... But i was able to rejoin through the favorite list
  13. I was Able to join through The server favorites ... But still no Option at The mainscreen to just rejoin
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