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  1. Phanzor

    Discord company log stopped working?

    Yeah, their service just stopped responding at around that time. I am sure they are working to bring it back online.
  2. Phanzor

    NPC autoshoot

    If you hold RBM and release once hovered over a target. Your NPCs will auto-fire upon that target when in view range.
  3. Phanzor

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    I can see it considered as exploiting if someone were to store tames on the free port so they dont lose them via raid or aoe. Though that doesn't seem to be an issue as people typically ship their tames to allies and such. Personally, I leave a bear at a free port to gather fiber. In the future they will likely reduce the claim timer.
  4. Phanzor

    Discord company log stopped working?

    05-17-2019 13:49PST Day 1037, 05:06:44 Something must have happened with the service they were using for the webhooks. Even tried using the webhook in another server to no avail.
  5. Phanzor

    Land there or not?

    I experienced this last night actually. I was on the island and when i went threw the fake one it made it so i had xray in that area. Fking broken lmao
  6. Phanzor

    Land there or not?

    I have witnessed this as well. Odd bug in its self.
  7. All materials placed in the drydock. Desired ship highlights blue. Required materials are green. but said not enough resources. This is the case with everyone in my company so far.