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  1. Yes the latest change means you need a lot of metal and paste to complete...i think someone said a 2x2 is 600metal and 300 paste now. I am fine with increasing the cost but not by this much...plus...if we are doing this then fix the foundation clipping damage...if i have a wooden foundation surrounded by stone then the wood should not take damage from a lion, wolf or elephant!
  2. It's been fixed - end of topic...Queue posts moaning about grieferss blocking their bases with ships or griefers luring SoTD or Griefers luring Charles the murderous whale...there is always something for us gamers...we love to moan
  3. That is Crude Oil. There are also oil nodes underwater...I accidentally landed on one when I jumped into the deep blue with dive suit on
  4. Agreed they need to do something about this - simply not taking in account weight of a none company or Ally would be the best solution. Yes this can be exploited the other way but it would be less invasive then what we have right now.
  5. And cyclones / hurricanes don’t happen in the artic...remove this please!!! It rains an average of 2x per day/night cycle...it’s -18...we have a lot of SoTD and evil whales this all together makes sailing a real gamble of doom! Luckily I’ve not lost a ship but it’s still a little wrong. Rain in -18...Nope. Snowstorm in -18...yup!
  6. I will be honest, my company claimed more land then we typically live on because i need to farm materials...if someone else takes that land they can either 1) build on it blocking resources, or; 2) they will tax me through the roof to get trees...why would i not claim that land so i can farm materials and not worry about paying tax on resource or having someone block my resources?
  7. Hello Fellow Sailors, Defectors is a small group of friends that have been playing together for a long time, we are full immersing ourselves into Atlas. We are looking for some new friends to join us and explore all 700+ lands, build a trade network, purge the sea of evil! We do like a challenge and as such we have established a reasonable amount of land in the lower Tundra zone. With just a handful we have started to build a trade hub, we have a number of ships, we have a couple of tames but we have lots of fun! Company Long Term Goals: Building our main home and Trade Port with room for multiple ships Establishing a trade network throughout the world Build supplies (tames, resource, gold) for trading Purging the sea of Ships of the Damned and finding booty! If you are interested in joining our community then please feel free to jump on our Discord and say hello! Discord ID: yjGgRn9 Cap'n Malagos
  8. Anyone found a paint image converter that uses the new dyes in Atlas?
  9. I agree that people should not be able to sink other players ships in PvE. However, they need to provide a way to deal with raft blockage. We have a rather immature group that keep blocking our ships on with rafts or spamming our port with rafts and leaving them anchored there. How am I meant to remove them without intentionally sinking them?
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