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  1. i have the same problem. The rocks might be 20 or so feet under the hull but i can't stretch the dock out enough to make a proper match up to the side of the ship because it won't let me place additional foundation support in any direction. Uncerimoniously crushed my dock expansion aspirations.
  2. Ruined all of my imprints i was doing. Animals aren't even worth using for target practice now. "fixed" has a relative meaning here
  3. Same here, and in about 10 minutes my imprints are screwed
  4. That being why i say "pretty much". Usually there's more to the story that gets conveniently omitted when the griping about getting your comeuppins starts. I wasn't there so i don't know either way. I'm just asking the logical first question.
  5. Question is, what did you do to invoke someones wrath? I pretty much don't buy the whole innocent bystander line most of the time. Chicken and the egg. Which are you?
  6. they've apparently patched this with v102.45 . My bear is moving to much better deck locations now. We'll see if it happens again at some point
  7. Can we please keep the sail powered pirate game sticking to the 17th century or earlier. Theres enough mythology and legends from back then and earlier to put in buttloads of content. Aliens, time portals and modern or sci fi tech have absolutely no place in here. We start getting nuclear and fusion powered sail boats with pew pew lasers, automated turrets and other such crap and i'm out for good.
  8. It aint fixed yet. had to blow out two planks to Get it out of there.
  9. umm...never mind
  10. Caveman


    Same bug as me.
  11. It's doing it again. Can't craft wood ceiling tiles this time but other wood parts are craftable.
  12. Whatever caused it seems to have stopped. The parts are craftable again.
  13. EU PVE sector A11 The server connection crashed and after relogging all thatch and wood building components can not be crafted. Enough materials are in inventory and they highlight as buildable but any means of starting the crafting does nothing. Right click craft one/all/etc does nothing when selected. Use of hotkeys while highlighted to start craft does nothing. Double clicking does nothing. Other items can still be crafted from player inventory. Restarted the program did not fix it. Rebooting the computer had no effect. I have no idea what else to try.
  14. I just lost a bear moving it to the ship as well. It moved her to below the lower deck on a schooner and drown her within a couple minutes. I spent all night yesterday locating and taming that bear just to lose it to this stupid shit for no good reason. I had one goal for tonight. Take her out and do some treasure maps. I don't even want to play at all now.
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