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  1. hi i was wondering if you could add a proper dress skin for female players, there are many skins for men and not a great deal for women to chose from. would love to see an equal opportunity for female pirates
  2. hey guys i found a collection of items off a ship dock in the middle of the ocean, it is not meant to be there cheat TP N8 -282779 -283833 459
  3. to add to this bug, it seems the giraffe is still on the boat but invisible. my boat is anchored here im definitely glitching on something in the same spot. cheat TP C10 -228823 -49017 509
  4. hi guys, im having issues over the past week, i have had two animals dissapear of my boat while sailing, please fix
  5. T3RMINA1


    Im having an issue where when i rearrange folders in resource boxes when i log out and back in they are back in order of creation
  6. hey guys, im finding that paint is not applying ot the spear launcher, can you please fix it
  7. nope, 4 hours of combat time remaining, we fired 10 cannon balls, not 1 point of damage
  8. so we are currently attacking CTSG and none of there structures can be damaged by cannon bears, this is so so stupid, how can these large companies attack anyone but when you hit back you can't do any damage?
  9. @Tindalen is this a google doc you could possible share? i would like to use it for my company, if not that is ok.
  10. hi everyone, i don't know if anyone else is getting it but my entire alliance is getting lag on every single cell, it comes in waves and has only been an issue the past 24 hours.
  11. Hi guys, was just thinking of a cool idea for atlas and i was thinking of a wall mount and when you kill an animal you can claim its head as a trophy to hang on the wall, like a hunting lodge.
  12. hi everyone, just wanted to give a shout out and a warm thank you for the wonderful admins on the official servers, i had an issue with a glitched foundation and they fixed it within hours of me reporting it. great work and a special thanks to @Voodoofor helping me out. much appreciated
  13. someone has watched dinner for two @Atlantis
  14. yes, 3 of my company can't get into NA PVP either, must be a server side issue
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