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  1. this Bug is back after the March Mega Update but only on the front Top deck of the gall cannot build a upper platform to place Large cannons on it can some times get it to take but not all the time As of the time of writing this 5/6/2019 at 18:31 PDT the CCC is cheat TP K2 41527 251001 828 Forgot that it has been like that for a few days but it has been in multipal locations and as i was adding the edited info it started working
  2. Had the same thing on in Grid I6 island Lashval island map cords Long 16.21 Lat 28.91 also on EU PVE did a verify and one file fails verification and re-downloaded but no help there verified again and same one file failed but restarted and same error/fatal crash so did verification again restarted and tried the NA PVE and got in and now its working :edited, cheat TP I6 301743 -235448 1252 this is after getting back in
  3. Same thing started on 4-30-2015 PVE EU Whales Solitude and contuning to happen region I6 All other servers are good
  4. started happing to me about 6 pm PDT on april 30th 2019 EU PVE I6 and after the DC/Kick i cant get back in at all and the rejoin says server ????? region atlas_I6 Also says live servers are 102.48 and my patch verson says 102.47 and cannot get it to up date
  5. Had folders in my inventory with a ton of bolas for easy access and lost them all but the stuff in main inventory was still there and the folder was wiped and when harvesting body the items poped into a bag
  6. Bear died when moving to schooner at J4 [long: 28.15 /Lat: 55/62] seen bear on the ship went to go to back latter and bear went missing and got this a few moments later Day 137, 19:20:05: Your Ben - Lvl 55 (Bear) was killed at J4 [Long: 28.08 / Lat: 55.55]!
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