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  1. i have heard you can place a cannon on it.
  2. So first off just a quick message to the Devs. Thank you so much. I have been playing ark since it was at this stage in its development and thoroughly enjoyed the ride and I'm looking forward to the ups and downs that atlas has in store. I've always wanted a water world styled ark map and this is it, with its own unique spin and flavor. So onto the Feedback/ suggestions. Claims:A topic of much controversy the claiming system has been bashed by just about every single player at least once so far, but why? Well besides the well-known issues with contesting i think the big issue is wasted space. if we have four companys make a claim each, in a square, without overlapping, we have a space in the middle that nobody owns and that nobody can now claim. look at any island and you will find at least one spot where a claim could almost just about fit. to fix this have the claims act more like a bubble. where the lines cant overlap but instead just smush into each other and try to fill the available space. alternately laydown a smaller square grid over each map, and have a claim take its respective square on the grid. this second method would reflect how actual claims work today. i think the second issue is how claims are actually contested. i was attempting to claim some uncontested land on pve na, and i spend a solid hour trying to find out why every time i dropped my flag it would say contested. moving back and forth up and down this way and that way trying to make sure my lines weren't overlapping anyone's claims. i finally found the issue, some lvl 4 pc had logged out in a bush inside the area i wanted to claim. this likely never coming back player sleeping in uncontested land that i could have claimed was stopping me from claiming. To fix this. making it so that a player has to also put down a flag or at least have their flag out to contest the claiming of unclaimed land would help, also making it that only people in the company that owns a claim or their allies can prevent the stealing of a claim as opposed to any rando would go a long way as well. Lastly on the topic of claims. allies can steal your claim and even if you are online and standing right under the flag you cant contest it. this needs to be removed to prevent blue raids. Trade. there should be some kind of trade goods. things like silks, spices, and relics. things that we can sell for additional gold. taking these items to the trade ports or to a merchant's vessel would be a great reason to actually have to leave the house. Free market. Having the Free Ports have some kind of auction house where we can sell our goods for a set price would go a long way. These are just a few things that i have thought about. if i think of anything else i will be sure to ether update this post or make a new one.
  3. i made my first hardtack and placed it in a preserving bag with preserving salts its timer stated 24 hours. i went and did some stuff and came back to the bag a little over an hour later its timer now read 8 hours left. like what? i then took a few minutes to ask in chat about the issue in the less than 5 min that took it dropped from 8 hours to 6 hours.
  4. so twice now i have lost the use of the "e" button after placing fert into an unseeded but irrigated large crop plot. the bug is fixed upon logging out and in again but nothing else seems to fix the issue. seems that holding e on a mount seems to fix the issue aswell but still should likely be fixed fixed
  5. i agree in full plat with a shield the knockback should almost be negligible. as for the two-handed smash attack dude that shits amazing. you just have to be fully charged before you get to the enemy. again git good.
  6. it should be noted that unpurified sea salt contains many other things than just salt. calcium as well as other organic compounds and organisms. mostly harmless but if you are sourcing your sea salt from contaminated waters you also get those contaminants in your finished product. considering the technological age the game is based in most people are likely dumping all of their raw sewage and other waste right into the ocean. meaning that any water collected from within a claim is likely contaminated with all sorts of gross things. to add a touch of realism the water should have to be taken from outside a claim, or take a second purification step. ether would help limit the use of the salt to make blasting powder.
  7. the issue with segregating the players like this is that nobody would keep their main base in the pvp zone, this leads to people keeping all the best loot and land in the pve zones and also tends to leak the toxicity of pvp into the pve peoples lives. IE more griefing more trolling and such.
  8. knockback, as its called, is an important part of most games with combat. the game does have a melee dodge mechanic that works wonders. a headshot to a wolf with a pistol is normally enough to kill it and if not use your other pistol, or a rifle, or a blunderbuss. what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't really be engaging in melee if you can't dodge so get good scrub. that being said the arc of the knockback could be adjusted slightly to help prevent getting launched
  9. I like this idea. I feel it doesn't take anything away from the game but adds a better company management option. could even call it something pirate themed such as a mutiny.
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