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  1. we still have lots of land. PM me if your intrested
  2. Hi My Company managed to steal a lot of claims in PVE Eu we looking for Nice neighbours in grid A12. pm me if you are intresten.
  3. i believe it will go to minus 65.000 then you can do the 6 hour declaim then you can do a 10 minute claim. if there are company's that have to many flags and the timers are gone you will have a 15 minute declaim and a 10 min claim. you can see the declaim on the flag your contesting and not on your own flag, it will also show you if the company has to many flags if you place the flag look if it is contested. if it is take your flag and find an other place.
  4. support tickets can take a few days. my advise just wait.
  5. i just take the debuff you can not get older then 100 i believe
  6. we are looking people to life on our claims. we can discuss the terms. contact me for details.
  7. the rollback i do not know about. your ship is probably destroyed together with a lot of other ships. i think my friend has screenshots of a dragon killing all the ships in the area.
  8. mm thats tricky, i think it is a good idea to make those servers available but i do not think we can force them to play on it.
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