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    Mooring System

    this is so needed on even a basic implementation. Something has to be done to allow organized parking rather than holding A or D until your ship slowly turns in place enough for it to be out of the way of other ships and still be able to get itself out. This is a perfect idea for player created 'docking' and I truly hope @Jatheish sees this!
  2. Tom Bombadier

    Captaineering- Repairs Beyond Just Hulls

    yes please! or just extend this to be default.
  3. Tom Bombadier

    Bridges and Docks

    Best suggestion for docks i've seen so far. Love it.
  4. Tom Bombadier


    Crew groups... would you look at that. Guess my ignorance is showing, thanks! I still think being able to limit placing claims is much needed though.
  5. Tom Bombadier


    this is what makes me so hesitant to let new people in my company... they can destroy everything!
  6. Tom Bombadier

    new ship structure: Navigation Desk

    +1 to this!
  7. Tom Bombadier

    Fix the crocodiles for pete's sake

    We just had a single non alpha croc sink one of our brigantines while we were offline, how is that fun?
  8. Tom Bombadier

    Fix the crocodiles for pete's sake

    Agreed, crocs are the #1 threat to anything inside a ship right now. I love logging on to see one or two of my NPC crew aboard my brig is dead because a croc either ate them through the wall or somehow flew itself up on top to chomp away there.
  9. Tom Bombadier

    Ghost Ships Should Be Rare or Non-Existant

    God please yes, they need to be RARE but powerful, RARE! having a literal wall between my island and the next is not fun, mix that with a storm and you're going to take damage... better to just suffer the hurricane damage than agro a SotD.
  10. Tom Bombadier

    Hoist the colors!

    Well the flag can have an option to raise/lower it so someone manning the crow's nest (or an added mast option like the ladders) can operate it.
  11. Yellow for when your claims are being taken, and blue for where you're putting claims, just as the circles on the ground are now. I completely agree with this post, would be a massive QOL improvement.
  12. Tom Bombadier

    Allow for Shipyards to be used as Docks

    If nothing else, allow this please! Or even better would be to add a specific building ships can dock to so we can make our own ports with ceilings and pillars.
  13. lower your sails and you don't move... but I still agree for this revert. Keep the other sail changes, but this? Too arcade like for my liking... at the very least reduce it to something like 10% We can get where we need to perfectly fine by tacking. I'm not going to claim everything in the game is realistic, obviously things need to be balanced for game play, but this is too unrealistic.
  14. Tom Bombadier

    Hoist the colors!

    I like both ideas, but i'd rather just have the flag as a place able object above masts instead of only having it out when using a temporary skill.
  15. Tom Bombadier

    Boiling water for salt

    I'm not too keen on the science of it, but doesn't distilling the water prevent that? Just capturing the boiled off steam to run it to the side and condense it back to water?