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  1. Hey! So a group on NA PvE i'm in has been trying to kill the Ghost Ship for a few days now. They follow the wake, wait for it spawn at night, take a few shots, but the ship takes no damage. You can see the aggro bar / health bar and if you get close it will fire back, but no luck fighting it. They have waited until midnight to do damage. They have tried to hit it again after it crosses a server border. They have killed it twice before with medium cannons and are trying to use medium canons again. On top of all of this they even spent six hours trailing behind it trying to kill it every time it became corporeal with no luck. So I don't know if there is a special trick to it and they just happened to get lucky those two times before, but after all this I have to say its just non functioning at the moment.
  2. So to add to this I just noticed my temperature / biome changing every second. Its swapping between Central Low Desert and Western Tropics. The temperature is flashing between 33(c) and 21(c) People that don't see the phantom island only see Western Tropics and one consistent temperature.
  3. On occasion a company member will see an island that no one else does, and when that happens they see the boat being thrashed and hit and flip upside down - all kinds of crazy things while the rest of us are just smooth sailing. So for the first time i'm starting to see the fake islands on top of other islands, not just at sea. One is now completely covering one of our bases. Because of this I can't move through the environment without lag clipping around, nor can I raise the anchor on a boat without watching it flip through time and space. Its fine for probably 80% of our members. Just a few of us seem affected. (There are 5 or so ships on the other side of this mountain.) (Here is the mountain, and then a glimpse of whats inside when you manage to clip through.) This is E10, i've heard in general chat that it's started affecting other parts of the island too - just today.
  4. I would love to see that X any color other than the green or red you see all over the place. Even using the "Toggle Follow Character" feature i'm apparently still BLIND.
  5. Not a single ship (or likely person!) would have been lost at the rate we were going. Seriously, not a one! There is an invisible instant crew / passenger kill mechanic that would take down 3-5 ships at a time. Not even ships, just the crew! The ships were left to die due to unmanned reasons. No visual queue, no audio queue, no nothing. Out of 150+ people attending - and a number of them rewatching streams - no one knows why or how they died. You are right to be mad that 150+ people put HOURS if not days into farming for zero credit because of a 'mechanic' that no one can explain. It's so badly shown "why" something is happening that everyone assumes it's a bug, and It can't possibly be anything else right? No designer would leave an instantaneous mass murdering ability untelegraphed, right? ....... ᴿᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᵍʰᵗˀ
  6. I can confirm this bug too. It's become practice to never use that function, and to instead only side load animals by whistling for them after you are on the top deck of your ship. I've seen them both vanish forever and instantly die after the use of the function. Sorry about your bear.
  7. Actually yeah that was the approach I ended up taking, hah! I put up a few deterring walls from walking up this way, but it can't be fully walled since its along the side of a mountain and out into the water. A few lions and wolves chased me in and i'm just parked here up the mountain face doing things around the house and checking back on occasion. Over here playing AFK champion.
  8. There is a (at least seems to work most of the time) 3 day timer that prevents declaiming if you visit your own claims. That means you can put your stuff away, fast travel to a bed, causing the timer to reset, then fast travel back and go about your business. In this situation this person hasn't logged on in several days and has nothing on the claim itself. And 6 hours is rough, but the issue is any random person (not the owner) resets the 6 hours back to 6 hours, aaaannnyone.
  9. Only the host company contesting the declaim is how I thought it should work, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I suppose if it was the host here it would reset and not be claimable at all. Sadly it really has been just anyone who happens by.
  10. Oof, got it down to 2 hours out of the 6. Someone ran in, killed a sheep, harvested it and left. The declaim was completely undone. Thats... Thats terrible.
  11. Before v10 at least, the Shieldhorn were tamable for sure. I haven't seen any critters under 30 on a powerstone / dungeon island (aside the special unique tame dinosaurs) to test what you are experiencing though. It's usually a mad rush from level 200+ predators. It was my understanding that nothing over 30 could be tamed at the moment though! When you run up to them it doesn't even give you the grey text of "bola and feed to tame!"
  12. I found a claim from an inactive user with nothing built on it but a little firepit and I'm able to take it, awesome! But, since it seems to be their only claim it will take 6 hours to take. ...Okay. That's rough, but I can do stuff around the house while I afk here and wait it out... except... Anyone that runs by contests the DECLAIM and it refreshes the timer back to 6 hours. Someone running from a wolf, hunting, or just passing by, it can't be taken. I understand claim (vs DECLAIM) contesting, but an rando preventing you from declaiming a high traffic area... it's just not gonna happen, right? Is this how it is intended to work? I don't think there are very many spots in the world with not a soul running by for 6 hours. Maybe the arctic.
  13. Just want to add in we did a similar test. We removed lighthouse with no luck on resources respawning, but the boueys things piratically POPPED back. Almost instant respawns. It's broken again since then but... we saw results too.
  14. Ah yeah these guys. They are constantly leaving racial slurs and general sexual harassment on claim notes. They placed a claim in the middle of another active base and destroyed half their fleet. People were asleep on the stolen claim too! Its ridiculous and I hope someone at least cares. Good luck!
  15. Hello! Same boat here. I don't even get an error message though. Clicking "rejoin game" blacks out the icon for the mouse click then does nothing at all. Hydra's Den NA PVE
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