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  1. Evalution

    unable to tame

    02:17:2019 I feeded it on it´s right side with "C" next to his right back leg. Go forwarts and feed, go back right away! If you stay too close to it´s mouth, you get kicked. I still happend to get knocked 4 times, and died 2 times, but at the and I was able to tame the elephant. Still, this taming method is annoying!
  2. Evalution

    Black Sky

    I fixed the problem by setting the sky quality to at last 30% then apply&save, restart the game!
  3. Evalution

    Unable to tame bull

    Same goes for me, I feeded the elephant 3 times beans, and then it suddenly didn´t wanted them anymore. Pls fix, this is so annoying!!!! Edit: Some hours later the day tried it again to tame, did it twice on a elephan, again didn´t work...I ´am sick of it!
  4. Evalution

    unable to tame

    For feeding and avoiding getting bitten to death. Press X and crawl closer to the target and feed.
  5. Evalution

    Black Sky

    It´s the same for me even trough I never crashed. It was like this too 2 weeks ago and the it was suddely gone...now black sky again, wtf?...
  6. I wich my server Admin would think the same, he always wants to play witch 1x... with the coming Patch it will be a nightmare...
  7. I was shocked about this too! The irony was, I was wondering why the rhino has no reduced weight for stone and was hoping they would add it soon but now this? Pls don´t do it!!!
  8. Evalution

    Taming on Dungeon Islands?

    I was just trying to tame a wolf on a dungeon Island. I used bones and prime meat, but the wolf didn´t wanted to eat anything. Is taming on the dungeon islands maybe not possible?
  9. Evalution

    Planting seeds

    I think it depends on the ground you place the plot. Move it to light grass and it could work.
  10. Evalution

    Fish have problems.

    When you hit them wich the axe or picke but don´t get anything from them, press C and try again. The fish hitbox on small fish is so small that you can´t hit the fish when you stand.
  11. Evalution

    What is this animal spawning

    I had the same with corocodiles a week ago, suddenly they are all gone...must be a spawn bug.
  12. Evalution

    Why is there a big shadow following me?

    I wonder more what´s that big black square dot on the ship? Maybe it´s it shadow?
  13. Could also be, even more crazy it can cause such intense problems.
  14. I´am on a private PvE Server and we had a lot of trouble with freezing and dc all the time. A lot of people also couldn´t login to the server for hours. Our Admin solved this by "Admincheat -killing all wild animals" on each of our 16 Server. It helped a lot! Traveling was possible again, no freezing, no dc, and easy login. May this will also help on your server when you have such problems. And it shows that the animal/ ship spawning has to be fixed and lowerd a LOT!!! No more crocs pls!