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  1. Pretty simple, sinking offline docked ships is not fun gameplay. A 30 min timer on logoff for 12 hours of invincibility would be good. Perhaps the ship could lose it's collision box during that time, so it can't be abused.
  2. I see how the developers want the game to be more based around ships and conflict with other players. It's simple really. ------Simply make the islands people can build on have zero metal(and the metal gained from rocks reduced vastly), zero sap, and no rare resources and low lvl animals only. This is where people will have their bases----- --Now, make lots of tiny islands farther away that you cannot build on whatsoever that contain the sap and metal etc. Basically, if you want to stop being a thatch noob you have no choice except to make a raft/ship and sail on over to those little islands to gather resources, and thus the age of pirate fleets are born yeyyyy. --If you don't like the idea that players are forced to leave their islands then your stupid pie chart is going to stay land focused whether you like it or not. It's called the path of least resistance and news flash it's human nature. --No amount of incentives are going to matter if people can get everything they need without leaving their islands. The current system of making each island contain a certain rare resource like crystal or sap isn't enough or good, since people can just make a little vault on each island and risk nothing while they are gathering sap/crystal etc and it becomes land based once again with bad unhealthy pvp. My system would make the ships the only place you can store your cargo on islands containing those rare resources since you cant build on them, so you are always attached at the hip with your raft/ship when you are out and about, which Is what i !THOUGHT! ATLAS WAS AIMING TO BE ABOUT. yknow... ships, exploration, the pirate experience of fearing for your safety from the onslaught of salty sea dogs, instead of an ark ripoff.
  3. so, i had a rhino today. Lvl 29 wild rhino with great stats. I had it defending my base. It appears that he fought something and he ended up in the water, and instead of walking out of it decided that was a good as spot as any, and proceeded to drown to death. Great coding you got there. 11/10 Keep adding more stuff we don't need, and ignore all bug reports, and don't fix any glaring flaws, that's what will really save the game. Keep it up. PS: stop adding new masts and sails to a ship with a gaping hole.
  4. gl with that, even blizzard doesn't respond on their own forums and they use a subscription and micro transaction model, which means they could easily afford it, yet you want a one time payment company to do so?
  5. seagulls are the only bird that when u grapple hook them, they pull you and not the other way around, even the much larger vultures can't accomplish this feat. Simply grappe onto a seagull and fly from island to island, ez.
  6. as are more creatures going to be breedable? specifically vultures?
  7. Any plans of having vultures breedable? They are my favorite birdie.
  8. Exhibit A: I have my vultures set to not loot anything off a creature. They are also set to not target conscious If I use the command to make them attack a target, they will still destroy the corpse even though they pick up nothing from it. They won't even stop attacking the corpse when they themselves are being attacked, which can be very very bad. I'm sure this was just an oversight, so will you please fix it?
  9. this issue happens to anyone who has a bird following him up a ladder, you would think there would be some sort of discussion about it.
  10. If you are climbing a ladder and you have your tamed birds following you, they will knock you off the ladder. Birds are supposed to be great for living up high, but because of this they are a hindrance. I have 4 vultures.
  11. ha haha. Yeah, so good for the game. Before this change, I'd built 10 or so 2x2 stonewall bases with a bed in the middle of each of them on a lawless, and one of the local groups decided they didn't want me there, and blew up all 10 of them in about 30 min. Now with the changes, they can do it in 12 minutes lmao. Stonewalls were already weak as paper and cannonballs are cheap. With this new "fix" It's officially cheaper to blow a base up, than it is to create that base. I'm sure this will do great things for breeding animals, when the only thing that protects them from being butchered by bored raiders is a flimsy piece of paper. Great longevity to the game, keep it up.
  12. Well, that can be fixed, go try to build a stonewall base, when there is no organic paste or metal nodes, and the only saps/sugarcane are 4 grids away. It doesn't matter tho, since they made explosives 2.5 times stronger, so stonewalls are now more useless than they were before. It's cheaper to blow up a wall than make one *facepalm*
  13. Grapeshot literally lost their minds, pity, the game had a lot of promise. If anyone wants something similar but better, look up haven and hearth, World reset is going to be on the 1st of feb, and will last about 2-3 years.
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