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  1. A horse by the name of Aspen (Chae Lewis) disappeared immediately after logging back on from the most recent patch today at 6pm EST. The location it was last seen was on the deck of my boat next to 3 other animals that are still there after logging on. This occurred at "cheat TP D11 690144 695024 213" There is no mention in the company log that Aspen has died. Help would very much be appreciated! Thanks, Chae Lewis
  2. Honestly, after my battle with Hurricanes before even getting into the firing range of one of those boats, I was feeling pretty tough! Like, if I can hang on to the steering wheel with a hurricane over top of me spinning hundreds of miles an hour, I could surely take a few cannon shots to the port side couldn't I? Well, I did! Multiple times in fact! I've had both the Green Variant and the "Yellow-ish" Variant fire upon me and still managed to hop off the wheel and get repairs after sailing till they no longer followed. The most Iron that had hit my deck through the whole trip was 9 connected hits in a single hit and run from a green boat. I had no choice but to sail straight through it, and well, lets just say I learned to put beds in the crows nest instead of the deck! haha.
  3. Boring?! It was honestly quite relaxing! The wind, the waves, and the occasional hello from fellow sailors going about their ways on the high seas! My first rainstorm complete with hurricanes actually scared the holy heck out of me as I thought I would go flying from my boat a few hundred miles an hour! Caused my butt muscles to get so tight in pure adrenaline! haha. However, after I noticed you could sail straight through them with only minor scrapes and bruises I just kept on sailing like the awolnation nation song.
  4. Buddy thought I should add a rope to polish it off! so i did! So how are your maps?! haha XD
  5. I'm in no way bored of the game, this was just the first thing I thought of to do in a game this big! and now that the drawing is complete, it's time to see how bad my map gets with how many different lands I shall explore! btw, how are your maps?!
  6. Amateur artist sets sail with nothing but his trusty Sloop and the wind behind him to use his cartographer skills in the world of Atlas. What do you know?! He's spent over 76 hours on his voyage to draw something on his map! Can you guess what it is? - Chae Lewis (NA PVE) How are your maps? Comment below!
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