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  1. At this point, 80 should be achieved by a majority of the player base. Between work, life and playing other things, I've managed to reach 89 myself just playing the game as intendee, only slowing the focus on levels as I know the incoming change.
  2. Next patch everyone over level 80 will be rolled back to 80. It's a pain it's not being done sooner, but no need to worry, it'll happen.
  3. A way to ease the vitamin issue is through having increased fortitude, getting sick of cold weather, I stuck a silly number of points into fortitude and never had to eat or drink, only dying to the world. The vitamins were still going down, but it was incredibly slow. try playing with the fortitude stat a bit and see what does you good.
  4. There is a level rollback happening soon, everyone above level 80 gets rolled back to level 80. Whilst the wait for it is irritating for those of us wanting to level legitimately past level 80 currently, they seem to be waiting for the next patch to roll out the level rollback. Whilst they aren't also public about punishments, they do happen. They have been happening, but with some things, just banning won't remove the problem and these problems aren't a simple fix, otherwise they'd be done by now.
  5. How about a new cannon type with a higher range and projectile speed than a Medium Cannon but lower damage? The Demi-Culverin! Basing this suggestion off of the real Demi-culverin (Effective range of 1800 ft according to Wikipedia), A weapon with a greater range than a Demi-cannon (Effective range of 1600 ft) but a lighter projectile (Demi-Culverin shot was often between 8lbs and 10lbs where the Demi-cannon fired 32lb shot) What would such a cannon be used for however? Outranging other types of cannons, naturally, with a lower damage output to not outshine Large cannons or Medium cannons, however they would share the Mediums ability to pivot. They would share the same fire rate as Mediums, however the projectile speed would be faster. The same firing rate and lower damage point I feel would suffice as the balancing points for this gun compared to the other two whilst not outperforming either of them. But why? The Demi-Culverin, introduced as suggested, would allow for players to field ships with front facing guns (Imagine that!). Giving ships that find themselves constantly in the firing arc of a rear-gun-heavy ship the ability to ward away their attacker. The damage would be low enough (Pre-ship states and Blueprint increases) to bother a kiting ship without tearing them a new one - This is where the increased range and projectile speed comes into play. What Else? It would open the doors for new naval tactics, allowing people who prefer to fight with a more skirmishing mindset flexibility in how they play the skirmish game whilst allowing people to defend themselves from those who want to do nothing but kite all day.
  6. A thought occurred regarding Catapults, and how they are only used when people are bored enough to launch themselves somewhere. How do you make these worth using? Give them the ability to launch Explosive Barrels, with a set detonation timer similar to the Spike Shot. At the same time, to help promote this new use, disable the ability to glide with them and slow people who carry them. Catapults (as far as I know) can be fitted to carts like Cannons and Ballista. So this enables them to be used still whilst attacking an island, with the means to counter them like normal with cart based weaponry. It would also enable players to launch these barrels into the sea like a timed mine. It also helps combat the barrel gliding problem (which in turn might provide performance increases as people aren't building superstructures in attempt to stop these flying bombers) In regards to slowing people carrying them, perhaps just prevent sprinting, assuming it doesn't already (I've never carried one personally) means that you can still carry and bomb people using them, but an attack or defense won't get overrun quickly by a bunch of barrel carrying lunatics in their pants. Alternatively you could remove the ability to pick them up, with players having to make use of the suggested Catapult launching method to use them for fighting, but still allowing the initial placement in order to create traps.
  7. Metal nodes on our island have stopped giving resources, we can't break them at all but they still drain tool durability. Was fine around 4am EST,
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