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  1. According to my friend, they are all ghost ship routes
  2. Yea, extracted from official map
  3. Fcking annoying, just spent god knows how many hours doing an entire loop of the penis shape route and didn't find the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship needs a rework asap.. The routes are far too massive and take far too much RNG and time to find the ship, and even when you do find the ship it is still buggy and broken so that you have to follow it for god knows how long until it is possible to damage it. My suggestion: Buff it to 300k HP, make it spawn inside half of the Powerstone Regions and it doesn't leave that region. Remove the damage immunity/invisibility feature if it's still buggy. The amount of effort, time and RNG required for the Ghost Ship, and the bugs still existing to this day is honestly terrible.
  4. Hey, so i just tested out the cosmetic Large Junk Sails, and i thought i should share my input so hopefully we get better sails in future. At 1st they looked good but it's also a different canvas so i would have to figure out how to load a picture onto the sails again which isn't too bad but annoying. Then as i used it more i realized that the Junk sails cover up too much of the view whilst sailing, both on and off the wheel. When the sails are fully turned to the left or right, it still blocks too much of the screen to easily see SoTD in front of u, and when u get off the wheel (assuming u are 2 stairs higher than the deck) u can't see under the sails like normal sails, thus again blocking your vision. Suggestion: A sails cosmetic that i'd want personally is a damaged/rough looking sail, same shape/canvas but just damaged and ghosty i guess.
  5. Vadearlst

    You cant wipe characters

    The biggest issue that i have about wiping characters, is having to re-do the power stone islands, they aren't fun at all and are EXTREMELY poorly designed in many ways, thats my main worry tbh. Also not looking forward to all the sailing to those islands again, it's very tedious.
  6. Vadearlst

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    "Hang urself" >.> Once the noose is placed, raise it, then select it and click on Attach Rope. Then u will appear inside it hanging, i mass suicide tactic for killing myself is to eat animal poop to kill myself faster whilst hanging, then pick up my own poop and eat that when i do it again >.> (filled my base walls with skeletons lol) To hang some1 else, attach handcuffs to them whilst they are knocked out or sleeping (use a blackjack thing), and then bring their body close enough to the rope and click on Attach Handcuffs to rope.
  7. Try this, it worked for me. Idk why but it did.
  8. Sooo, i logged out at a freeport to go eat whilst my teammate took over the wheel (was heading through the freeport area, not the region wall), when i logged back in 20 minutes later, after clicking on Rejoin and connecting to the game, i was stuck in the ocean with no character or anything (Same as when u are selecting where to spawn, u just see waves in the background, except there its a disabled HUD, nothing visible and no sound). So i assumed something was wrong, so i returned to main menu and the Rejoin button no longer exists, clicked join new server to chose a region to force a respawn, but i still have the same issue.. Just viewing some waves and cant open any screens and only the "Esc" opens up a menu, i can still type in chat though. Was also kicked after 5 minutes of waiting, something like "BattlEye has kicked you: Client not responding". No idea what to do other than make this thread, got like 360 hours played and never had this issue before, all's i did was log out and my character is broken. Edit: Managed to fix it by doing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BxweqlP0Oc - I could finally control/see my character after using this connect method (not intended to fix this weird bug though), my game was very glitchy still, was punching a shark with lag and no damage numbers popping up, after it killed me a green screen for the map appeared (respawn screen), couldnt click on respawn, but i could click on Change Home Region so i did, a larger transparent green screen appeared but i could see a few regions on the side of the screen so i chose 1 of them and spawned there, took about 20 seconds of weird white screens/sky boxes/glitches and then it respawned me, was still laggy so i died again, then the game was working fine again, back to normal o.o Sorry for the wall of text, tried to record it but for some reason the record button didnt work.
  9. Sadly this is true, i claimed a tiny piece of shallow water/rocks away from the island, and a week later some1 claimed a land flag nearby and turned it into a sea flag, which claimed a much larger area and broke my bed spawns, so u do have to claim around ur 1st claim unfortunately.
  10. Solo on PvE is easily possible, that much i know o.o U can even build ur own Galleon and sail it solo easily, but the galleon isn't even good imo, can't turn at all which makes it pretty useless for most tasks other than transporting/gathering. Brigantine is the best ship by far imo. Pets make this game do-able for solo players because they can gather 100k of each resource pretty fast, u just need game knowledge and experience i guess, like there's a place a few regions away from me where i can collect 200k thatch with the bear in like 30 mins to an hour solo.
  11. Vadearlst

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    This is the old picture/wall of death: And this is what i have transformed it into now
  12. Vadearlst

    Show N Tell Winners??

    It's at the bottom of the Captain's Log
  13. Vadearlst

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    @Jatheish Loving the game soo far since a few days after release, the recent Alpha nerf was 10/10, and if i was to comment on 1 thing that brings this game down atm, it would be the Power Stone Islands. Recently crafted Mythical weapons and was hyped to try them out there, but as usual that place is typically a disaster. Spent hours searching for the boss on H6 and failed to find it, and the Power Stone servers seem to consistently DC/Freeze for 5-10 seconds every 10 minutes or so, most likely due to the hundreds if not thousands of sloops parked around the island. Guessing u guys are already looking into a fix for the performance issues on Power Stone Islands though. I suggest adding a beam or maybe a skill/perk to view a bosses location via a Beam when u are close enough maybe? like a treasure map. I'd love that anyway, would make the power stones a little less brutal.
  14. Vadearlst

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    Thx opening it in a new window works Also thx for the part of ur video where u tame the Razortooth, my friend was trying for a day, but the Razortooth always hits him before he can feed it, tried blocking with a shield n stuff, still couldnt tame it, but judging by ur video, i have a theory that it targets 1 person and only attacks if they get close.
  15. Vadearlst

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    The Skeleton Theme Compilation: 2 Pirate Captains await the guillotine... Me and my NPC crew just hanging about. Showing off the skeletons hanging from the ship, also on gangplanks out of view. Doing this picture without my teammate wasn't fun xD And this final one is my profile Cover Photo