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  1. Maybe they need to introduce skeleton construction. So split the ship into fore section, mid-section and aft section. During initial skeleton construction, you can choose different types of hulls you put down for the ship. Different hull types could have different benefits. Tankier hulls add more weight which slows you down, but can take more damage, add more gun ports etc. Lighter hulls, more narrow looking, less weight and give great speed but can't take much punishment. An in-between hull type. You could combo with different hull types, so tanky mid section and front, speed rear, which would make even more unique shapes. Shallower hulls might allow you to go closer to shore etc, glide over water. Idk just tossing up some ideas. But if you were able to customise sections of a skeleton before placing planks, you'd be able to build all the different ship types as suggested off of a sloop, brigantine and galleon base.
  2. My current issue with the game is the meta building in this game. It might appeal to some people but I love old sailing ships, love every other aspect of the game as it is except for the meta building of ships. Here's some suggestions. Ship Weight Balancing and Center of Gravity Introduce weight balancing to ships. Heavy items need to be placed low and towards the center as close to the ship's center of gravity as possible. This will stop building behemoths and canons hanging off the sides of ships up high. Cause the further a heavier item is away from the ship's center of gravity the more it'll cause a ship to list during turns and increase the potential for capsizing. It'll also stop canon stacking on one side of the ship also cause canons will need to be balanced evenly for weight distribution. Increase Wooden Structure Weight This'll make it harder to build armoured tortoises from placing too making wooden structures on the ships. Increased Canon Placement Box This'll stop canon stacking next to each other to within a certain distance so you need to spread your canons out across the deck. Increased Damage to Exposed Canon and Players from Canon Fire It'll stop top loading canons and stacking them right next to each other, and make people utilize the gun ports more. Currently, there is no reason to use gun ports. Or with meta building we don't use gun ports any more. Skeleton Hull Construction Introduce different ship sections during skeleton hull construction. For, mid and aft that can be placed with a combination of hull types. Eg, heavy hulls can take more damage but are heavier and slow the ship down versus lighter hulls that might allow traversing over shallower waters, increased speed but can take less punishment. So you can really specialise ships based on hulls and plank placement. Introduce Larger Sails Particularly for Galleons, cause Galleons right now look ridiculous with 6 masts, 4 masts should be the ideal amount.
  3. I agree. Need to merge all the servers, and break clusters into time zones. Have an NPC faction, like an imperial colonial administration. Have ports that players can dock ships at at night to store them for when they're offline. Charge a fee for the storage of each ship, and maybe scale it based on how many ships your company has in store. That way smaller companies can store their ships in relative safety and still afford to store them whilst it'd force larger companies out into lawless sectors to establish their own bases for ship storage. Whilst ship destruction is part of the game they need to fix ships being offlined. It might be ok for the hardcore companies that can maintain 24 hour watch but it'll kill off casual players. And I don't want to hear that casual players need to go to play on PvE servers. It's not good enough. Why can't it be balanced. I want to PvP and I'm happy to lose ships in naval combat, it's just dog sh*t losing ships to offline raid but a single naked with fire arrows. Maybe have a taxation in colonial administrations like say 25%, so it encourages people to explore into lawless areas in order to avoid tax once companies are established enough to move out into lawless areas, plus more resources, and higher quality resources.
  4. Fire arrows is way too OP and it's taking away from the sailing and naval warfare aspect of the game. Even exploits like overloading a ship with players to sink it is ruining the game and so far have not heard anything from the devs about addressing these issues.
  5. I love the game, however, with ships, there is also aesthetics. A 6 masted Galleon looks ridiculous, at most Galleons historically had 4 masts, and personally, I think 6 masts looks ugly as all hell. Maybe introduce extra large sails for the galleon? And limit placement points to a maximum of 4 placeable sails. Also would love to see some front sails like in the old sailing ships, would look fantastic!
  6. I think this is a great idea. It would also allow for construction companies, to lease shipyards to other players, and provide say defence and encourage people to build in their shipyards. I'd also like to see a mechanic to allow ships to be traded or gifted to other companies so that ship construction and trade can become an actual thing.
  7. We're an alliance of small companies and definitely agree with this idea and showing support for it. We have banded together on our server but because of the alliance limit we're unable to add every company to the alliance so we've had to split the alliance in two. I think cap on company sizes would be good to stop overly large companies but uncap alliance limit so smaller companies that want to remain autonomous but band together with other companies for mutual defence. This will really help smaller companies out in surviving in the harsh world of zerg companies. Safe sailing all!
  8. Initially happened on a Sloop, my game crashed as I crossed the server. I was then unable to spawn onto my Sloop. When my company mates tried to spawn on they also lost connection. Kept disconnecting everytime we tried to log back into the game, when we did get in we were either dead, or it showed the ship for a moment then crashed. Upon trying to respawn elsewhere it kept disconnecting us. Finally managed to spawn on the sloop and sail it. Thought it was a one-off. Fast forward to today, we now have a Schooner that is stuck during the server transition. Have tried spawning on it, it appears and disappears constantly and I spawn in the water. This is occuring on NA E4 to E3 server crossing.
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