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  1. crazy hagen

    my opinions on firearrow

    fire arrow are ruining the game. its not even close to real life. this is a pirate game not medieval age.. everyone uses them. for they are op. guns have a extremely slow reload time that is good. and a game whit slow range weapons and melee weapons make it balance .and to make a weapon that is not even what Classic pirates use(what we think when we think of pirates) and make it so op... so everyone uses them. i will say your falling hard. (Story time)in this world with pirates and dragons you stand there white your heavy armor and weapons ready to sink the enemy ship , and then you see its only one man on the ship with a bow and some fire arrows .you begin to laugh for yourself and prepare to crush your enemy with just a bow......what you didn't know,,, is its not just an arrow whit fire on it..no,no,no,no,no its made of chlorine trifluoride. and burst insane fire where it lands and kills everyone moving over it......... …. ......…. ...…. G....G..... then we have some more funny things with this fire arrows in this game. when your offline you only need 1 guy to sink your ship... ONE..not one whit a ship that have cannons on it and pay crew to help him fire. but one whit a bow, yes I can agree that in real life setting a wooden ship on fire works great.but in real life your fleet is defended 24.7 with many men,, that can easily stop 1 guy whit a bow. and you may think i'm in rage and saying this for i have lost ships to ppl this way then i say to you no.,i am the one thaT done it. if you like to have fire arrows in your game i can understand, but then try to consider it to only burn things like wood trees planks so on. not grass dirt stone and so on. and maybe think that more then one arrow on same spot to make it burn. and this is a GAME maybe make it so that you can't sink anchor ship with fire. yes i know that you can but for this is a game. using cannons and so on, on an anchor ships make it more playful than just one guy whit a bow. this game have so good potential. i just hope you make it more pirate. good selling fellow pirates and traders and see you all on EU pvp!
  2. the Rate of the Gathering can't be 1.00 as before than 2.5. for before the boost we did get 40-60 wood from trees and 90-110 copper from copper stones. naw its 25 wood and 40 copper. and if you make 25 wood to 2.5 boost it's not even close to 160+ wood we did get on boost and the 295 copper we did get. it kinda feels like its on 0.5 naw not 1. anyone else seen this to ?. I agree to big boost is bad for the economy off the game.. but give us a break.are ppl in this world that have jobs to. 25 wood for 1 tree. it takes me more than 20 min to full my bag. and that is not normal.