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  1. I'm sure many old timers can recall at launch we were met with the tease of a magic skill tree acting as a placeholder for future content, which was again further teased during the first developer livestream. And here we are - over a year later - with no word on this system. So I figured i'd take this opportunity to lay down a few ideas to get everyone interested in magic again... 1) Totems - A static object providing various effects beneficial to the owner. Crafted with mythos and a range of materials, similar to the submarine. Examples include:
  2. Been muckin' around with multi-canvas paintings today. Thought y'all might appreciate some slight copyright piracy... Also figured someone might appreciate my schooner... The ship of the Spammed
  3. Yeah, you get a disco point for each stone, plus more when you have all the stones and do the kraken. Same for essences and v2 kraken. As for the hydra ect., i know people farm it for mythos.
  4. Ice cave requires all the powerstones to enter, so someone without all stones can't enter it even if a clan mate with all the stones triggers the entrance. There's also an incentive for doing powerstones and having the powerstones at the kraken fight, as there's a nice chunk of discovery points you don't receive otherwise.
  5. This is only true on PVP. On PVE its 20% max, and it doesn't get subtracted from harvested resources.
  6. Tbh anyone willing to buy another copy of the game for a whole 2 extra *Insert resource name* for every 10 they gather by hand should be allowed lmao.
  7. You can already do this. Whilst at the ships wheel hitting V by default is the "Shoot at whatever you feel like" button.
  8. How on earth does having an alt lead to more taxes? If anything, it just means larger islands get occupied freeing up cheaper ones for those of us who don't use alts.
  9. I find it easier to hit the keel (Spine) of the boat from the lower decks. Just gotta back off at the right spot, but once you've found it its dead easy to repeat.
  10. I run in to this, i believe its because you don't have enough wood for it to do the craft AND burn as fuel.
  11. The timer is based on distance from point of origin, so the further you are from the bed, the longer the timer will be...
  12. There is still a sweet spot to tame elephants without getting hit, it just relies on trial and error until you have it down. On the belly side, approach from the back feet towards the middle ear slow as hell, until you reach a spot where it's breathing temporarily plops a feed x to tame is visible on the inhale.
  13. I've ran into this issue using tames somewhat recently, very rarely can my tames not put out enough dps to do it though. I lobbing a few grenades as they spawn tends to make things quite a bit easier...
  14. So, i've been attempting to tame an elephant in the most inhospitable, crocodile, vulture and cobra infested stretch of beach i've seen so far, and i've finially figured out why the 20 or so elephants i've baited have been dying to cobras so much. Apparently they can just phase through closed doors with no issues...
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