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    Lost Interest?

  2. MindOfMadness

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    LOL... If I "don't want to accept"?!... Dude! I linked you a post from Jat that clearly says it's for small groups, solo players, and large groups but it's you that can't accept it. WTF do you think "accessible" means exactly? They want everyone to be able to play the game whatever their play style is. That doesn't mean it's made for large groups... IT MEANS IT"S MADE FOR EVERYONE... You can't actually be so fucking stupid that you can't understand this. FFS pull your head out of your ass and "ACCEPT" reality. for real though, link a dev post or company statement that says it's a game for large groups... I'll wait...
  3. MindOfMadness

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    You mean like the boosted rates? Or the reduced claim times? Or maybe you're referring to the nerfs across the board on everything from tames to SotD? Or maybe you think the devs are joking when they say the game is for solo players too? Now... Could you be a bit more specific about said game mechanics?
  4. MindOfMadness

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    The devs have repeatedly said otherwise... Example: https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1742230617609616394/?ctp=4#c1742230617611844643 This really is a tired argument that literally has zero proof to substantiate yet people like the quoted poster continue to scream it ad nauseum praying to the Atlas gods it will somehow become true and pretending they are informed when they are quite obviously not.
  5. MindOfMadness

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Actually... I got it at launch, waited through the streamer getting to play first, the epic lag, no land, grief sinking, not being able to log in, the SotD over spawn with machine gun cannons, and still put in a couple hundred hours before I said "fuck it"... I'm just completely against the idea of land grab vs a real pirate ship battle game.
  6. MindOfMadness

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    I was considering coming back when they said no claims... This Captain's log has completely changed that idea back to "FUCK THIS GAME!" RIP
  7. MindOfMadness

    It’s not possible

    Will most likely be like the skins they gave you in Ark and you spawn with it anytime you die. There will be a million hats by the end of the month.
  8. MindOfMadness


    I'd like to hear the Dev's opinions on such a system... @Jatheish @Dollie
  9. MindOfMadness


    Not true... Many MMOs use this exact method for player housing and it's completely ignoring the need for exploration to acquire mats for any building/progress or that you can invite or join with other players to use the same instanced areas. Load times would be no different than they are now or better as seen in WoW instanced garrisons like another user stated. The majority of trade will be taking place in freeports because where else can you be sure you won't get touched inappropriately by the bad man you're trading with? Obviously that applies more to PvP but a much better practice in general considering there's a freeport close to every other tile in the game or you invite someone to your instanced island to trade with the use of a global trade channel... The only real difference would be no life neck-beards couldn't take everyone's shit in the middle of the night or when they are at work while calling it PvP yet never have to at least 1v1 a single player.
  10. MindOfMadness


    I don't think it would ever happen... I would just prefer a system like this.
  11. MindOfMadness


    Personally I would prefer phased areas to build and all PvP and farming were based off your ship so you always had your phased home to go back to. Be done with Player vs Wall and camping on your island for mats... Pretty sure there would be actual epic sea battles in this scenario.
  12. MindOfMadness

    They are looking at the claim system on PVE.

    1. All platforms? It's only out on PC 2. Of course they responded, they didn't wanna lose the last few players left in the game abruptly before the wipe so they can continue testing for the people coming back. 3. They haven't actually "spoke up" about anything... Dollie said she'd "let the team know" and "they hear you". Where and when did they say they cared? They did say they didn't care about the low population "for now" meaning the real plan is to get back as many of those that left as they can. 4. It's exactly what i'm saying. The changes will almost surely bring back more players than they'll lose to them. Even if a fraction of 5-10% left the game the 5-10% that comes back will far outweigh those that leave.
  13. What do you mean by player base? The 5000 people left playing not even 2 months in or the 50,000 that quit playing because of the said issue the devs are attempting to fix now?
  14. MindOfMadness

    The future of Atlas

    I had over 2000 hours in Ark before the Tek... it was shit after. There were epic battles for control of servers that sometimes lasted days but since cross server, tek, boosted rates, and mega tribes it's all bland and doesn't have the same feel. Now it's a shit show that only gets by due to PvE and private servers. Oh well, to each their own but I know a few people that quit because of this and I'm gonna assume that the same would happen with Atlas... That's if it doesn't die before launch. *shrug*
  15. MindOfMadness

    They are looking at the claim system on PVE.

    "Massive"? Only 5k players are even still playing compared to the almost 60k at launch... Would you mind defining what exactly "massive" means (to you) when talking about community outrage taking into account the literal "massive" reduction of the game population in general?