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    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Unless its changed they go in order. You could aim for the one ahead.
  2. Maric

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    I got it from f8 just a bit ago though it's likely to move soon. Easiest just to spawn into the starter zones next door and grab a sloop from vendor and throw a bed on it imo
  3. Maric

    Speed ship

    On schooner one big speed outruns 2 medium speed easily. You could add a small speed to it if you trying to get every last bit but it doesnt add much.
  4. True enough, though since op was suggesting craftable wells I assumed they had land. Land rush is crazy. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  5. Its not the prettiest but you can build a large grid of water reservoirs, pipe them all together and add a tap. Then when it does rain it will at least last a long time. You can also attach irrigation to them.