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  1. Nuka

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Even if it's DLC what your problem huh?
  2. Nuka

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    bye John snow? ahaha! you are hodor for using xbone
  3. The only solution for that is to make all buildings to be one premade object like shipyard, bank, lighthouse and remove floors/walls etc
  4. Nuka

    Atlas numbers dropping fast!

    Weak dies.
  5. Please ban SCORPIONSHAWN to save the game
  6. My friend saw one but didn't fugure out how to interact with it
  7. Nuka

    Got banned wrongly

    Another "it was not me cheating but my yonger brother" thread
  8. Please make raw meet stacking by 100 (or at least 50) in the Feeding Trough. You need to check and refresh food of your carnivorous tamed animals far more often then herbivorous
  9. No, only about your statements. They lived without taxes and extinct. Raw facts. It's a proof that such model of living does not work. And btw I live in great country without all your sjw and tolerance shit. I'm free to make fun about anything.
  10. Lol. "Lived just fine" and where are they now? Destroyed by a more powerful nation.
  11. War isn't cheap business, you know. And btw there is a lack of proper trade mechanic now.
  12. It's not mmo RPG. Nobody says it. Its MMO Survival.
  13. "Most will give up". Hear it since the first delay of the launch
  14. And none of this games are survival like Rust or Ark. "Building some gigantic stone cube with small room in the center"/"blowing all up with bombs when owner sleeping" is a mandatory gameplay for it. In Atlas you also can sail.