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  1. Here is my tips on how to solo or with only 3 people, this is how i always have survived. 1. Join the biggest company you can find 2. Use them to level up to 70-100+ 3. Ditch them and venture alone or with a few friends. 4. Find a island that has alot of mountains and good enough resourcers. 5. Find a very hidden spot ontop of a mountain, if there is also trees up there which also can hide. Build your secret main base there 6. Build some storages under water. People never look for these unless they know you have one. 7. If you are not alone build nothing more than a schooner, and if you are alone only build sloops! People usally don't waste effort destroying sloops so they are good to have many of. Make sure that they have either small speed, small weight or medium speed. 8. Go out in the world and raid the shit out of everyone you see. Take all their loot and hide it somewhere. Under water or behind a bush. Then later you come with your sloop and pick them up. 9. Make a great company name and similar stuff that will make people think your company is bigger than it is. 10. Form alliance with nearby solo companies, it can become useful having some allies so dont kill absolutely everyone you see:c 11. Make a decoy main base. In case you get attacked you build a fake base. Make it out of stone and do some effort to build it. Then place alot of chests, tables, chairs, furniture, make it look like this is your home. Just have a few of your resourcers there, not much. You will really just use this place to storage resourcers you find before moving it to your real base. Now when they have destroyed your fake base they think that they have completely ruin you. Now this gives you breathing area and can assess the situation. When its safe rebuild your decoy. 12. Become a settler of another island is also an option. Then you can be safe from anyone but the enemies of the company you are under. You don't have to worry about getting hunted down if you attack some other companies. Remember to have a very good relations with the company you are under though. I think this covers most of it.
  2. I have seen people riding a shark and the shark was just swimming forward and they could steer it around which was very weird looking.
  3. I have seen its possible to ride sharks with a grappling hook. Does anybody know how to do that?
  4. God dam people are useless and waste of space these days.....
  5. Okay so today i were with friends and i was gonna go to the toilet and after that i played ATLAS. But afterwards it said that i got banned from the discord for racism. And believe me they were at my pc when i was at the toilet. So i want to get back to the discord. Any suggestions on how i am gonna do that ? I totally don't like that i get banned of the server because of someone else. So please help me
  6. What happens when your character dies of age, do you have to make a new pathfinder or your character gets reset ?
  7. How do you paint your clothing to what you want ?
  8. In the bow skill three you can resarch it, once you unlocked that skill you can just follow what the requirements say in the crafting menu. If you take a look around in the bow skill tree you would find it eventually and how much skill points it will take.
  9. They won't probably see your topic, try contacting the staff on twitter
  10. If you place the wrong flag you can just remove the flag and put the correct one, don't worry
  11. I have a good suggestion. You can make alliance in this game with other companies. And when i go to look at my alliance base on the map it turns red. They appear as blue while i am playing, but their territory turns red once when i look in the map. Can you make so that alliance territory will be blue colored instead of red? So we can see who is enemy or friend.
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