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  1. Dude if you are choosing this game over your gf and family you may want to reflect a bit...
  2. Hahahahahahaha. You really think that. When has this company EVER met a deadline. It will be like 2 weeks minimum
  3. Honestly it will probably be next month. I mean look at the history here
  4. You are not correct. If you don't salvage every player you can get right now this game will fail. They need to find a way that people who want to be safe can and people who want to play hardcore pvp can. All in the same network. Look at every other MMO at there. Wow, ESO, Lineage 2, EVE etc... all let players play the way they want to. If you only appeal to the hardcore pvp players the game will fail. If you only appeal to the pve players you will fail. Alienating anyone at this point will hurt this games chances. For example, I like pvp. I don't have the time for the huge risk vs reward in this game. I wouldn't mind risking a ship in some combat if I knew I had a place to go rebuild. Having safe base zones and ship pvp zones would be so much better. Or some other way to divide it. I played on a private server that had different zones for pvp/pve. Lawless zones were pve and zones where you could claim land were pvp. You were not allowed to control land if you had structures in pve. It was great cause new players could build up a sizable fleet. claim some land and jump right into the pvp. If the got beat down they could go rebuild in a safe place or you could just go play pve if you wanted a break from pvp. The problem is this game has a small player base right now and they are spreading it out with 3 huge servers. There is going to be like an average of 2 people per server or something stupid.
  5. Atlas PVP is for people who aren't actually good at real pvp games and just like to put in 11 million hours to get such an advantage that other players can't compete. (Not to mention all the cheating) Its a game for people who like unfair advantages. ARK is the same way. If you want to compete in a real pvp game go play a moba or fps. All the pvp players in here are acting like they are good or something. If you were actually good at pvp you'd be playing a real pvp game. This is a survival adventure game at best with some elements of PvP. They want it to be a MMORPG but its not really that either. MMORPG pvp is more balanced then this game. I really only enjoy PvE not cause I can't handle the actual PVP but because I dont have 11000 hrs to defend and such. I play real pvp games where everyone starts off with a balanced kit each time. If they truly want this to be an MMORPG they need to combine PVP and PVE and have zones where you can do PVP and zones where you can only PVE. It would make the game soooo much better.
  6. This really is not a competitive PVP game. Lol it's a grinding PVP game. If you think you are "good at PVP" you are probably just good at playing a lot cause you have no life. Competitive PVP games only require skill. Not 10000 hrs to build a base etc. Ark is the same way. The only competitive (real PVP) version of ark was survival of the fittest.
  7. I bet server reset won't happen tell me june. Have they ever even come close to meeting a deadline.
  8. My prediction: PTS get Delayed to April 20th. PTS releases. Similar issues as launch. PTS gets pulled. PTS again released May 20th. A month later they wipe servers June 20th.
  9. Not true. At least on PVE. There is only like 500-1000 active players I bet. Many of those would be in the same company. Claims are based on companies and size but I am guessing that a company with 50 people would be able to claim much less land then 50 individual players. Most if not all determined players will get a claim if they want it.
  10. I was talking about PVE. You know since this topic has PVE in the title. There are not nearly as many "MEGA TRIBES" on PVE so its really a non issue.
  11. First of all I don't think your choice of word slave is "correct" here. This is a video game. You are not forced to play it. Secondly we don't even know yet if the so called "slaves" get the better end of the deal yet. My guess is landlords will be competing get companies to settle on their land just so they can keep it. They likely will try to accomidate the settlers/slaves in anyway possible. Because if they don't they wont be able to afford the upkeep. The system could work pretty well with proper checks and balances. I have been considering heavily which role I would like to take. It seems like a lot more work to be the landlord honestly.
  12. It sounds like to me they are going to make the upkeep nearly impossible to maintain without having tenants. So paying 30% taxis sounds like the almost better end of the deal then paying 50% island upkeep or whatever its going to be. I think what people don't realize is if the landlord is a griefer he wont get tenants and will not be able to hold his territory very long because of the upkeep. Essentially it is going to be imperative to be nice to your tenants if you want to keep your land. In fact many will probably incentive this by lowering taxis and encouraging building. Landlords will just need to protect valuable resources. Everyone is freaking out about this. The test server isn't even out. Give the devs a chance here. we have no idea about the numbers for upkeep and how much having people on your island decreases that upkeep. Chances are there will be plenty of islands for everyone to have since we have low population and a huge amount of islands. You can also live in lawless still.
  13. Just remember that this company NEVER states a deadline and makes it on time. This update was supposed to be like late January at one point. Don't kid yourself. It will be late May before we see the offical wipe.
  14. With the added islands I'm guessing there will be enough land for even solo players to get their own island. Though you may have to look. Hardly anyone plays anymore and there will be like a 1000 islands or something. Might not be as bad as you think. Doubt they will hardly have a 1000 regular people on the pve servers by then
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