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  1. Yaka

    pve EU Buying wood

    Hi i can trade to i am in o8 from west side to a then O its fast
  2. Yaka

    Rejoin option not available

    The Server are offline
  3. Yaka

    pve EU - Wheat seeds prices?

    The Sane here for free in O8
  4. Yaka

    Graphic Bug ?

    Hi guys s1 can help me pls ? After 5-10 min gameplay i have all the time the same bug. Only logout and login help .... https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-ee6b61-1547544639.jpg.html
  5. in think 20-30 min "max" its a nice ptach Well done
  6. Yaka

    pve EU PVE Search Animal

    Hi guys =), i am in O8 Eu PVE i search a bear or a elefent for trade.
  7. they cant hold all the flags
  8. Yaka

    Help in translation

    Same here
  9. Yaka

    Did the update fix anyones game??

    s1 travel in Offline Serve location if you do this you cant login ^^
  10. Yaka

    Buildable animal traps

    Nice idea but i think they have other problems =D
  11. Maybe they lost the key from the Office :O?
  12. Yaka

    where are the devs?

    The Devs come in 5 h they play Leauge of Legends Ranked Bronze 6 flexi
  13. yes ATLAS‏ @sailtheatlas 40 Min.vor 40 Minuten Top Hats will no longer be purchasable after this deployment, this is your last chance to grab one at your local cosmetic vendor! Information nobody needs