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  1. randiladywolf

    Creature leveling

    I just posted something about this for my high level bear. It's not gaining XP either. I hope they fix it!
  2. randiladywolf

    Newly tamed Bear doesn't gain XP

    We recently tamed a nice bear level 29 and got 13 levels. But after it tamed we noticed it would not gain any XP points. We took it out killing things but still no XP points so of course it doesn't level. We really hope this bug can be fixed.
  3. randiladywolf


  4. randiladywolf

    Advanced Natures Cry not working

    I tried both Nature's Touch and Nature's cry and they were working good at the first level. So I added more skill points and opened up the improved nature's cry and advanced nature's cry but the buff stopped working. It's a cool idea, I hope it gets fixed. Also it looks like an area of effect buff. Does it apply to close allies as well? If yes, can you add that to the description?
  5. Yes especially since we were forced to slaughter one of them. lol
  6. randiladywolf

    Fur armor rendered useless

    They said something about reducing armor to make guns more effective. That might be why it changed but I agree fur needs to work to keep you warm. I hope they fix it soon.
  7. randiladywolf

    Lion spawned inside my small house

    Overnight while sleeping, I wake to my death notice. So I respawn at my bed only to have a lion attacking me inside my little 3x4 house. I manage to get the door open and run out screaming. Of course the lion can't fit through the door so it is stuck at the doorway biting at the air to get to me. And I was unarmed because I was dead. Luckily a friendly person happened to walk by and shot the lion in the head for me. After that, we built a second level to sleep in but I thought I would report this as a bug so animals can't spawn inside built structures. It only happened once so maybe they already fixed it?
  8. I have found that you can sink a boat just by having 1 too many "crew" members. Doesn't even matter if the weight is low. I found that by trying to add 2 chickens to my sloop with 2 people and 2 chickens and a max of 3 crew it started sinking. So sadly that means its very easy to sink someone's small boat.
  9. randiladywolf

    Wild crow counted as crew on my sloop

    I have a sloop with a max crew of 3. I have 2 people and a chicken. We were not overweight. However, when a wild crow decided to land on our ship it began to sink! Why? The crew count went over the limit. One of us jumped overboard to stop the sinking but I could still see 3 crew members listed on the ship. I looked for an intruder and only found the wild crow. Of course the problem ended when it flew away. Please remove all animals from the crew count. In my suggestion post(to remove tames from crew) someone said make a new count for livestock but also please don't include wild animals as livestock. If you add a max livestock count can we also have that added as a choice to the level up? So animal traders can create a specific ship for carrying live animals for trading?
  10. randiladywolf

    Remove tamed animals as "crew" on ships

    Well, I was thinking the balance would be the weight of the animal still counts toward the max weight of the ship but having a new livestock limit works for me. Good idea. Also the size of ships limits how many animals can fit. Can you fit 5 wolves on a raft? I suppose so so yeah ok, livestock limit. While playing last night a wild crow landed on my sloop and started sinking it! Nope not over weight. The damn crow was added to the crew count limit. lol. I'm going to report this as a bug. I almost spent a point to increase the crew limit until I discovered it takes 2 levels to add 1 crew member. Seemed like a waste of levels just so a crow can land.
  11. I added 2 chickens to a sloop that had 2 people running it and it started to sink! It was sinking because we had 4 out of 3 allowed crew. I wanted to add a source of vitamins and food by getting eggs. 1 female chicken for eggs and 1 male chicken to inspire her. It is ridiculous to count chickens as a crew member. They are cargo and should only count as weight. How are we to trade animals and run a ship? All tames should only count as weight/cargo.
  12. randiladywolf

    Forest color not ingame

    I had the same problem and ended up changing my picture to remove the forest. Anything less than 10 forest will show up as 0%.. just use the show costs button in the arkpnt program. But I agree Forest needs fixed.
  13. randiladywolf

    Several Areas you stuck until dead

    I agree. My character got stuck at the Cottage Inn on Triholm Chain on B11. There is a spot between the stone fence and the land that I fell into and had to wait forever just to finally die.
  14. randiladywolf

    Pike doesn't stab forward underwater

    I thought the pike would be great for underwater fishing. If I roll my middle mouse button on land I do a forward stab. However, this doesn't happen underwater. I'd like to be able to stab underwater. I think stabbing forward with a pike makes more sense than slashing so if need be make the forward stab the left mouse button click or whatever just as long as it works underwater too. Thanks
  15. randiladywolf

    Buildable animal traps

    Yeah, I'm sure there would be problems like too many traps all over the place... Then I go back to the idea of using rope to tie up an animal to hold it longer. Surely a bunch of pirate sailors can handle using rope to tie up an animal. lol