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  1. Arrrrrrrrrr-k at its best.. I was lucky with my lawless island and my Co had a small cliff-side area to build from. We only had one pillar spaming co near us.. they spammed a pillar right at the base of my house that stops me from building stairs up to it as i live on top of rocks. The only place left to build.
  2. It just sucks that you would announce this and not be ready to do it... and watch your garden die just to hope your next season will grow...... This should have been at max a week out kind of thing... not a month... times 6... for what? lol.
  3. PS include Official and Unofficial Server/map as well... does no good to try and join a group to find out they play one or the other that you didn't want to play
  4. You did, and just didn't get the warm fuzzy that not only were we wiped but back to no kidding day one, not just a respec wipe like they normally do. Guess we will see. Thanks for your answer.
  5. Make the companies portion of the forum worth its salt. Right now the searching system is broken, you can not search PVE by most players. Make a advanced search field that works, with NA/EU, PVP/E, Open/Closed, Age Group. Make it a requirement for people in the game to post a company or be listed there and joined into the Co., if not then its really worthless and needs to be removed over pure frustration! To me its about as broken as the game. The sad part is this is a far quicker fix than a server wipe that you have planned coming! And another thing inst there a moderator that checks on the sections? Wouldn't you have found this?
  6. Just make it be able to be used to crate a ship or "repair" a ship and call it a dry dock option... you could make tether points on the side by ship type per dock type... that should have been done since day one...
  7. So we all know that its coming. The real questions is to when it comes and I'm sure it will be delayed as always, what BS are we going to have to deal with... So as we see it; we will loose all building, we will loose all ships, we will loose all tames. Day 1.2 we will wake up scratch our wrist and start punching trees and picking up rocks. Well some of us will. Most I see it will wake up in a home port like any new player would. I really doubt that we will be able to start off in a Lawless region or anywhere else for that matter. That being said. what are the die hard players going to do? We know the streamers have all called a huddle of the minds. I know GG said it out in the open that they need to start now. Obviously this will effect official and unofficial servers just the same. My guess is people will build a crap load of pillars get back to a home port and log off and stay there till the word go is given. No word was given that we would loose our bodies and inventory on them. Once the game goes live it will be a race to buy a crappy ship, haul ass to the first island and place pillars like a mofo. Which is what we will always fight with Wildcard no matter what game it is. As this is happening they are taking over an area and owning the island, by that time a bed has gone down a few times and the rest of the Co. can leapfrog to the new spot and build a second boat to hit more islands and own them till they find the right sized one. Then they will disown the ones they don't want so they don't have to pay the tax as this will still be within the fist day or so. If they can keep the first ones then they will be on good grounds. The top 10 Co.s will have a struggle to make right now....... Own a big ass island and pay an even bigger tax rate; keep it for them selves IF they have a player base to support it, or allow smaller Co.s in to slave them out and to have an active owner demolish anything that could be a threat. The problem is you have to set a war time and the entire island will need to act as one as they are all on the same team at that point. OR, do the big Co.s take over small islands and pay the tax outright and make a small enough tax that they can cover based on the players they have. This gives them the chance to be in control and be sole owners but its also taxing the crap out of your self. No mention as to how the allies system plays into this. small island or big island! Its a shotgun start! I just want to know if we all will start on the same grounds or not. Will this be a true wipe or the players that were being oppressed before have the same feeling right off the bat? I was a player that lived in the lawless region because at first it took me weeks to get off the stupid ass rubber-banding home ports. I was saved by a Co. and we had a small chunk of cliff-side property on the nearby lawless region. As being a vet Arc player this was home.... No changes and I sure as hell didn't want to try to go further from seeing the abomination of a flag system in effect out there. I already had my ship sunk about 10 times from A-holes jumping on just cause they can to watch your dreams go down the tank. There was no way I wanted to loose any buildings as well to that kind of people. Im a builder, I love building PVE and PVEp, i deplore PVP builds. I also don't like loosing my hard earned buildings to a griefer or to the PVP system. I also despise pillar wars! So what will be your starting strategy?
  8. As per WC errr GS what ever studio is pulling the strings said.... Hold your breath wait for a date and hold your breath some more... Ughh... From a studio that has NEVER EVER come close to making a date they put down... it may be some insight that they haven't put a date out as they may have learned from previous mistakesssssssssssssssss. Sorry we cant provide a better answer for you. I wish we all had a hard date and time. you know there would be a flood of people trying to get on and get moving..
  9. I agree. In this day and age they wouldn't do it out of spite they would do it because its cool or fun.. Or better yet because they can..... and THAT is the root of the problem.
  10. A wipe isn't the fix, in not one bit.... As soon as you did that said offenders would move right back in and place the foundations with in a matter of hours then your back to square one... There needs to be a core block system, limit 1 per player with a distance of say like a 20 yard radius, in an company you can only build the core inside flag radius (say 100 yard) or suffer elevated environmental damage; be it a constant degrade drain, or a penalty of like 40% health reduction until covered by a company radius... If you were solo and built outside of your radius you would suffer the same elevated damage. This would be a good balance for people who want to go solo and don't need the use of a Company. A Co. can only place 1 flag for every 5 members up to 50, and then 1 flag every 10 members. If the number is not maintained then a random flag will de-spawn in 24 real time hours and notice is given to the clan/owner. This will give the Co. a chance to relocate a flag from a less desirable area if members cant be obtained. It also keeps the Co's in check from making servers Co. owned and the game unplayable... I'm not trying to go into how this drives the Wildcards motto of pushing servers to unofficial so we can save money. I'm just stating the obvious shutting down of valued land by a few killing the game for many, a mechanic that has ruined Ark servers and made previous sentence true.
  11. Dear comrade, Like Trump we here in China don't listen to petty users telling us how to fix our glorious creation. HA! Signed WC I have asked them to fix the Companies portion of this so called web board as well. The admin lock up LFG post quicker than you can blink but still fail to see that we can find a group here as well as in game because of the cross servers. you cant search for companies because the 2 search filter tools dont work together... Any how im here to bump your post because this is how we make our own bug reporting tool.... i guess....
  12. Yep.. well i went one tile (server) left of freeport and have the exact same problem as in the description..... PS getting a TEAM is also just about as dismal as trying to play this game. But we keep trying.... Thats all we can do...
  13. I feel your pain.. Most people that are giving feedback about the state of the game (aka not the white knights) don't quite remember that not only is this stuff happening on official but rented servers... So there are people actively paying monthly for this game, in this state.. so this IS NOT A EA GAME!!!! Not to yell at you just stating the fact... stupid Alpha build passed off as a EA. HA!!! funny how Ark doesn't have these same errors... no one is sinking my rafts or motorboats! no one is taking my house after i log off for a few days. I hope they step up their game for people who are hosting servers as they are the ones that will be keeping the game alive.
  14. Teetering on if I should raise you +5 or just fold and find the nearest hammer and bash my hands in for even attempting to keep playing........ +5... but the hammer is still an option at this point....
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