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  1. Or they could just give us a hard and fast definate date. Would that be too much to ask?
  2. Conan's building system is pretty good, the way you can snap foundations together and rotate them with ease. That would be one thing I would like to see worked on in Atlas.
  3. Yeah that's what I had heard too.
  4. As per the topic, when is the wipe happening?
  5. Totally know what you mean. Our company has all but completly quit, I'm hoping some will be back after the wipe. But to wait 3-4 weeks for a wipe to happen only kills it for everyone.
  6. The anarchy update has screwed the game. RIP Atlas, it was fun for a short while o7
  7. Agreed. One month notice of a wipe has killed the game for many people. The risk now is that people who are idle waiting for the wipe will go and play other games. In the long run it is atlas's player base that will suffer.
  8. Sorry to tell you but the temperature thing has not been fixed. I watched my baby bear die from a cold snap while I sat there in a room full of grills trying to keep it warm.
  9. Yeah I was aware of that, I did not leave the base for the entire duration while trying to raise the baby.
  10. Incorrect Nari, the temp is still a thing. Yes it was in the patch notes, but it is not working as intended.
  11. So after reading the patch notes for 18.87, specifically: I thought I would give breeding another attempt. After discovering that the patch did not take this into account, yes the baby is still affected by heatwave and coldfront, I also discovered that the timers for the various stages were ridiculous. 1. Maturation - 4 hours 2. Juvenile to imprint - 8 hours 3. Juvenile to second imprint - 8 hours Didn't get past the second imprint so no idea if there was another after this. The times for these various stages are too long. Devs please reconsider these times, at the minimum they should be half of what they currently are.
  12. Uninstalled battleye completly, relaunched atlas and downloaded battleye. Connected to the game for approx 5 minutes again before being kicked, same message. This is happening on the official NA PVP server btw.
  13. Still experiencing this error. Someone suggested I needed to update java, god only knows why. Anyway, have updated java to most current version and am still being booted with the same error message.
  14. Managed to finally log in today after resapwning at my home region. After getting in and back to base, can only manage to play for 5-10 mins before getting kicked by battleye. Message comes up saying (screenshot also attached) Network Failure Message You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Client not responding'
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