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  1. Same problem here, freezing and no response Atlas Game I open the task manager and kill task the Atlas game. whether in normaly startup or startup Low Memory Mode I have to stop Steam and restart it to restart the game Atlas
  2. Team ANK You are only a liar first video your arrival you use a bug exploit yes it's a bug because your name is not displayed in the log during the destruction Since your arrival you destroyed at least 10 boats including mine 2 sloop and 1 schooner I did not do anything but you came across the wrong person I am resentful at the extreme so my response to your fraudulent attacks you ruin the soul of the game by your use of bugs to your advantage and you are afraid to go pvp because the riposte will be too strong for your little heart. Last thing your answer in my very small castle you copied on me no personality
  3. Merci swefpifh voila ce que j'ai fait avec ton Tuto Thx swefpifh this is what I did with your Tuto
  4. Builders: 1 Man 2 bear and 1 Pig, 10 days and 18 hours a day from Farm
  5. XD but I'm already in play of my manipulation
  6. Go to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ BattlEye remove all files and restart the installation of Battleye this should work
  7. tlqiqiqi 你好,我是法国人,我通过谷歌翻译。 你的解释非常清楚,我感谢你。 好游戏的兄弟
  8. me too the craft ingredients are gone
  9. the toggle hud is down backslash does not work anymore
  10. French time it's a test I wanted to do to show the phenomenon of desynchronization pour_des_nefles_converted.mp4
  11. After update 7.9 , go wipe all server bug_respawn_after_new_update.webm
  12. wiping all the servers would alleviate the memory management and we would leave with better performances
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