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  1. O_o 1st i dont care if my english is bad, im not english. 2nd we spam? steal a cow? Oo we never talk in the chatroom xD except in local when we meet someone. Oh and please, tell me how we can steal a cow?
  2. What the hell O_o they are 3/4? we was in they base and they are not 3 or 4 but 10/15 minimum they got 4/5 boats etc etc AND i just have to said, we didnt steal you treasure, we just claimed a territory for do ONE base, we have NOTHING, not like you we dont have all the island, we dont have all boat like you, we said to you to stop sink our boat, but you dont care and 3 others company in our island lost theyr boat in the same time, strange no? we are friendly we just want play, do home, do boat, and explore. we are not criminal we let YOU play, you dont let us play, you just have to go in PVP if you want do that
  3. Hello, I do this post because my compagny ( The lost Nugget) got à problem with one other compagny (ANK) in PVE EU official server (zone N4) Let me explain, the company of the ANK sinks our rafts, our boats as well as those of our neighbors on the island, and surely to many other people of the corner to provide a lot of component to their alliance the: I Love KZee . In PVE we can only watch our boat sink slowly without anything to do? we are a small company of 3 active players and 4 others who come only rarely, so we already have time to realize a shooner. In itself this is not very serious, but I think that it is not fair play to be able to sink the boats and to persecute like that on the small company when they are a lot and in alliance with other .. Another company was already complaining about them before they decided to come and wrap us up with our PVE experience. I do not wish to recover our boats, but a sanction can be made and an impossibility to sink the boats to our port. As for example, a boat with its anchor descended would not take damage of overweight I enclose below screenshoot of our boats (to us and our neighbors) that were sinking, as well as screenshoots of the team in alliance with the Ank in full construction just minutes after having destroyed all the other boat of the island. Thank you for acting conscientiously if you do not want to lose the community that plays on PVE .. Lots may risk leaving after this kind of incident
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