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  1. My wife uses a super cheap USB keyboard on xbox and I use Xbox App in REMOTE mode on my phone as a keyboard. Works great.
  2. The game is a bit dead right now but when it will go out of the game preview and hopefully have a successful launch, I'm crossing my fingers that your website will take off. Aside from some responsive issues, it works really well.
  3. Hello, I've been looking around for an info about claiming islands and defending, but most of the stuff I found is outdated. I've got a couple of questions and would really appreciate some help, wether it's an answer or source of updates information that I can go through. Questions: - if I claim an island, how other players can contest it? Do they have to destroy my claim flag? - is there any way to bring down the cost or time intervals for upkeep? - can I destroy player ships anchored at my island when it's in peace time? Would be weird if they can line up their ships on the shore just waiting for the combat timer to start.. - does the resource tax takes away from the harvester or we just get extra resources on top of what harvester got? That's about it for now. Thanks!
  4. Hello, My friends and I just bought the game a week ago (11 people total). In that week we've built 4 brigs, gally and 2 schooners and all were sunk when we were offline before we even had a chance to sail around (we all work during daytime) by some lvl100+ trolls. We've just decided it's time to get an island. With that said, are anchored ships safe at peace time or it only works for the structures? Thanks.
  5. It must be broken. Our Schooner was parked at a freeport for 2 days but we had a person logging in to repair it every 4 hours. It just sank. It had 148% sturdiness. Maybe there is some crazy debuff when you leave a ship for longer than a day, or sinking a ship with an army of cats to overpopulate the ship still works (our crew was 11 / 14)
  6. That's very true. I wonder why they didn't use their optimization knowledge already in Atlas. It's pretty much the same game. Oh well. Guess I'll play and wait, it's amazing title. I've tried it just a while ago, and now I got 12 of my friends on board
  7. Hey guys, I'm talking about Xbox One X, not standard Xbox. It always looked and ran amazing on Xbox One X....it's true it was crap on old one though. It was more blurry than Witcher on Nintendo Switch :D. I find it weird that it's the only game on the really powerful X that runs in such low res and bad fps, when even Ark looks and runs fantastic.
  8. Hello, As a long time fan of Ark I've just bought the game for Xbox One X. It looks like Ark runs somewhere between 2k to 4k res with very high details and smooth framerate on Xbox One X. Atlas on the other hand, a game built on much newer version of UE4, runs at 1080p ( but looks worse, especially on the foliage like 900p) has very bad framerate except SP mode (framerate in EMPTY freeports is below 10 fps!!!) and the graphics overall look like on ps2. This is really unacceptable. What's going on? I understand that Conan Exiles runs at 4k, with lots better visuals and framerate because the team might be a bit more talented or game is a tad less complicated, but How come Ark, your own game, looks and runs on Xbox one X like a game that is a generation ahead of Atlas? Are there realistic plans to fix it? I was really expecting at least Ark level of performance and visuals.
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