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  1. Check their twitter its not a cap at 80 but they putting everyone back to 80 because some people exploited
  2. From what ive read they lowering everyones level to 80 witch is just garbage development lazy and punishing the whole community because some people abused a exploit
  3. as someone who hasn't done the yeti once i find it very annoying i will be loosing 34 levels we got our levels from legitimately killing kracken multiple times we farmed it and now we are getting punished for a exploit we didn't even do gg Grapeshot punishing people who didn't even do the yeti caving in to people whining again
  4. @Chismebeard @Nami tried messaging you on discord i could i pm'd you on here 0please respond
  5. Lets hope this new dev team are professional and we have a real community manager that actually engages the community rather than @Dollie the useless poor excuse of a community manager not engaging with rational questions and enquiries into the state of the game the previous team was beyond useles giving out bans to players with no explanation as to why but i have a little hope as this will be their final chance from most people so it will be important to get it right all we ask for is active engagement with community and that problems ingame get resolved asap also i would suggest getting rid of the discord moderators they where and still are the cause of alot of friction with the community i myself was banned for posting a pig emote by birdy dj which set me off on a path of being anti dev and moderators it will not help the community grow and creates a negative feeling towards Grapeshot
  6. "Working Hard" funny guys literally the most useless devs and community managers I've ever seen please find a different career. Darkside rp manages their servers better with better updates sad
  7. "Working Hard" funny guys literally the most useless devs and community managers I've ever seen please find a different career.
  8. Hire this man and fire whoever came up with the last patch half of it was reverted so they obviously incompetent and the other half is mostly insane like why buff swivel horses in three different ways when they needed nerfing
  9. Ps why is posting pig emotes in discord worthy of a permaban?
  10. Who ever thought swivels needed a damage buff against players needs to never be involved in decision making ever again. You buffed the most op thing in game front facing swivel horses.
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