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  1. I couldn’t disagree more with the first part yes I agree the base game needs the glitches and bugs fixed but I actually enjoyed the game compared to what I’m seeing from the new bunch, these guys can’t design ships to save themselves the layout of the cracken ship is terrible and u can’t even move about the ship unless ur a dwarf. Then you have the farmhouses an idea I kinda enjoyed at the start but and it’s a big but it almost destroys the need for any kind of tames I mean why tame if there useless. The gold values for ships may be a great thing on established servers but it’s an absolute killer when starting a server one of the most used mods is no gold shipyard I mean surely that tells them something? The removal of the ability to let people build and design there own ships is a complete joke and will destroy atlas as a game. If they want to fix the game they need to work on the spawning system for the animals on land and sea
  2. The only thing these guys have got semi right is the ship backup speed but still needs increased. Sometimes it’s the only way to get out of shallow water and if u can’t move fast enough to reverse yep you’re waiting till a storm comes just to get out. The nerfing of the glider was yet again one of the silliest things they have done and was done to prevent pvp players getting angry because others used it to bomb them or shoot people. Instead they could have removed the ability to drop things while in flight or hold guns etc but nope they took the easy route and nerfed the crap out of it making it completely useless. The Blackwood map has been flawed right from the start I’m pretty sure it was made by one of the devs that wanted to see the game fail it’s so badly done and needs a complete redesign just to name a few things that needs fixed is resources some are completely missing not even on map not to mention are completely mixed up fiber is not a bush it should look like grass or plant ground thatch on this map looks like a flower rather than the flowers being berries. The dragon is impossible as a single player boss and if you can’t kill it you lock off half the game. 5k gold to build a schooner are you joking? For single player and brigs gold prices are ridiculous.. very few ships of the damnd on map and even fewer fish and sharks ohh but sooo many mermaids and jellyfish all around 1 island which is where the powerstones are so let’s just say u manage to kill the dragon solo then you have to make it threw a nightmarish journey threw an island infested with mermaids and jellyfish ohh and tigers army of the damnd scorpions bats snakes lions and the flying Dinos just to get ur stone and this while it’s fun on multiplayer is not fun whatsoever on solo or with a few friends it’s more of a complete waste of time trying
  3. Yes and what do single players do on Blackwood map? Doesn’t work none of it ohh but ur still charged a crap lot of gold to build a ship ohh and dedicated servers 1 of the 1st mods most people add is no gold ships/shipyards kinda says it all.. they reworked the resources weights which almost makes sub useless now can’t harvest much attal under water ohh and broke the large creature tameing yet again. And once again complete ruined the glider which generally was one of the best ways to do maps because of the stupidity of the devs putting the treasures at the top of cliffs or almost impossible insane places. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but it’s quickly changing into a pvp mess and the pve game 90% of us bought it for is getting forgotten about.
  4. + the gold cost is stupid 50k for armoured shipyard is crazy as well I mean seriously 50k may not sound much and it’s not after you reach a certain point/lvl but at start of game it’s ridiculous there needs to be a way of earning gold at the Freeport’s simple fix is adding a few npc at Freeport that giv quests for collecting resources or finding lost treasures handing little quests into the npcs and reducing the cost of building schooners and brigs to like 500g and 1k gold scraping the gold cost for the shipyards as this was stupid it’s fine for official servers or pvp but on private and pve servers the most used mod is to remove gold cost for ships and shipyards kinda tells it all doesn’t it? The game has taken small jumps slowly getting better then comes a patch that takes a huge leap backwards it’s annoying the things that’s getting focused on. I mean nerfing gliders big no no most players find the glider very enjoyable now it’s useless don’t nerf it just remove ability to shoot or drop things from it. The reversing increase was well needed in my opinion still needs upped by about the same again but good step forward. The trank arrows if they actually worked and put animals to sleep so they didn’t constantly attack you as much when tameing would have been good but unfortunately don’t really work. The pet hats well you went there didn’t you... cosmetic items that should be last thing added WHEN GAME IS FINISHED. Fix the bugs get the game actually optimised and working well first. Single player and non dedicated are basically just rubbish and needs complete rework the map made by iso Blackwood is a complete joke far to many mermaids bats and death on the map and not enough sea life on map most places are completely void of ocean life or ships of the damnd the dragon boss is almost impossible to do as a single player like wth you were thinking il never no. Iv got 4K hrs in atlas and even I can’t do dragon alone easily. The whole resources situation on Blackwood needs reworking and actually checking that every resources are on the map because at present there are resources that are completely missing from map and there is a tameing bug that started with last update that makes it hard/impossible to feed elephants and large wild animals PLZ FIX.
  5. It’s sad to see this game in this state but unfortunately it’s probably always going to be like this the game has so much potential if they would just quit adding stuff that doesn’t work and changing fun things like the glider I mean do the devs actually play there own game while doing these changes or test them? My guess is no because why they change things like the glider which is one of the best part of the game is beyond me they’ve nerved gliders so badly there completely useless now. Also why add stupid auto harvesting things to the game if you haven’t tested to see if they work and change the game so much by basically making it a pvp game. 90% play pve yet pvp is there focus. all they need to do is listen to the pve players we want more ships and more things to do quests and npcs all the bugs to be fixed and the game to actually work. They can add pvp content to a pve game later when they have the core game actually working. Fixing the damn tameing system and reducing the insane spawns on nope islands would go along way to help server stability
  6. Wouldn’t bet on it getting fixed I really wish they would but it’s been a known bug for sooooooo long Blackwood map is completely broken and has been since they released it no wheat on the entire map half the resources are either straight up missing or mixed up there’s very few sotd in ocean for that matter even the fish are missing not to mention sharks etc elephants can’t be fed attal or 1 out of 20 attempts instead these game devs focus on taking the fun stuff like gliders and nerf the crap out of them and adding stupid pet hats instead of fixing the known bugs that exist within game and make stupid decisions like making ships cost gold to build I like the armoured docks but seriously there on for official servers but useless for people who just want to play and have fun make it an option to turn off gold cost in game options and JUST FIX THE FEEDING BUG
  7. Ok so here goes I’m typing this in hopes somone sees and fixes. Blackwood map is completely broken you can’t feed elephants with anything and there is no wheat on the entire map. One fix for this would be add a merchant that sells wheat and fix feeding code. There are very few ships of the damnd on the ocean needs 8x more than is there. Not enough oil types on map so can’t make rifles. No fish jellys or sharks etc in ocean so cooking is difficult. The resources are not as they seam all resources are mixed up a plant that should be fiber is berry’s a berry bush that should be berries is straw a bush that’s meant to be fiber is thatch etc the fountain of youth island is impossible for single players like seriously one of the gates is surrounded by death fix the map by reducing the amount of craziness on this island and repopulate the sea with fish and sharks and ships of the damnd I get that it’s a mermaid village but seriously mermaids are insane on this island in official there’s like 10 on the entire 15x15 servers on this map there’s like 150 round one island WHY. 15 is plenty and would help make map more in line with single player increase ships of the damnd fix the small sunken island bottom right or replace with another island that has wheat naptha oil and cobalt nodes on it fix the tameing bug and u basically fix this map
  8. I completely agree nerfing the glider yet again is 1 of the worst ideas you guys have ever conceived same as the amounts of gold for building ships this is why you loose your player base because of these changes and a few other stupid decisions I for 1 nor my community will be playing atlas until some of these decisions are actually thought about try play your game instead of thinking of stupid stuff that makes the people that actually play ur game quit you might get somewhere. Nerf the glider all you want on ur pvp servers but leave pve and single player the hell alone
  10. Fix the bugs the map not showing proper position of boats and beds not showing in game is making game unplayable IT NEEDS FIXED before you bring any more new content out
  11. ok sooo maps show incorrect locations and beds dont show up properly in single player or multiplayer non dedicated i love this game so bought a dedicated server well today guess my issue.. beds dont show on map, boats dont show on map and this is on your brand new map blackwood soo disappointed its beyond me why this could even happen your games been broken for months and its getting worse this was once a good game now just gets worse day by day with new bugs PLZ FIX
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