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    Never tried that. Does that mean as they are about to go into the ground you can dismount the tame and they stop despawning? Can you please explain.
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    I live in polar, no berries at all. But i only have to go 1 zone to hit tundra, fill a crate up with berries, and bam. Crew fed for weeks. It's only an issue if you are trying to play atlas without a boat
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    After a bit more discussion in game with some of the breeders, I think that is the issue. Since I am solo player, I don't have the points or time to breed my own animals. Fortunately I ran across a bear breeder that let me be present at birth to "claim and imprint" my own bear. That has made a world of difference.
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    I'm really getting the hang of the sunken treasure. There are just a few types, but still a little bit of a challenge to figure out which and get the gold quickly all the time wondering if the ship will still be there when you get to the surface or some SotD will be trying to sink it (hasn't happened to me yet). The biggest challenge is for me to remember to put my monkey down first I lost like three monkeys and one parrot. I then leveled oxygen on my monkey and he actually survived getting the treasure once