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This tutorial follow the basic atlas tutorial I made days ago :

With the coming updates, a lot of things have changed and I'll try to put as much tips as I can (until the edit button disappear) :


- You don't necessarily have to punch trees to gather wood at the start. You can find saplings, long and thin trees (like a plant) to gather wood, press [E] to grab them.

- Stones that can be gathered just by taking it from the floor are found on the beaches, press [E] to grab them.

- When you die IN a freeport, your body will disappear, so please take notes that if you die, you will loose everything you had in your inventory and hotbar.

- Fishing works by placing a chair (craft it with the Basic Construction skill), making a fishing rod (Advanced tools skill), and sliding a bait into the fishing rod (saps, sugarcane...) (Saps can be found near the huge and tall trees with the big roots. Press [E] to grab them). Just sit on the chair and use the fishing rod targeting the water.

- You can gather metal next to the huge cliffs you see in freeports. These stones with blue / green spots.

- Blue Vitamin (D) is fish, Pink vitamin (B) is meat, Yellow vitamin (A) is vegetables, Orange vitamin (C) are berries.

- When you kill an animal, use the pickaxe to gather the meat/fish and use the hatchet to gather more hide/skin.

- If you really need water, you don't have any waterskins and you are really far from a fresh source, find a moist place and prone by pressing [X]. Click [LeftMouseButton]. If it works, a bar will appear with a white zone and a red marker. Try to click when the red marker is in the white zone. You can now drink water from the floor.

- Cows and alligators drop the best meat.

- Press [H] on anything that you can gather to see what is can drop.

- To gather Thatch, use your pickaxe on trees (plam trees are the best for thatch).

- You can reset your skills at every level you gain, you need to click the hand with an arrow icon next to your name in your inventory.

- If you have a ship or a raft, the first thing to craft is a bed and a storage box. Put everything you have on the storage box. If you die, you'll be happy to be on your ship with all your items.


If you have some more tips, write it in the comments and I'll edit that post.


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Nice basics tutorial. Just one question about it. I've already been told metal can be found at freeports, and they also mentioned a huge cliff. By huge cliff they mean the rear part of the huge skull stone? perhaps the freeport I appear at has a different model and doesn't have a cliff?

Thank you in advance.

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not all freeports have the metal, Pick the light color stones , they will give more metal tthan the others


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Couple advanced tips I recently discovered:

- You can craft a wall hook and attach it to almost any surface. It has 1 slot inventory and you can put there a torch or a lantern and then light it up. Tip here is simple, you can attach those hooks with a torches/lanterns to your ship (even to the very top of masts or bottom of your boat) and then all you need to do is use "steering wheel" and wile using it - press "O" by default controls. This will control all lights you attached to your ship. Press "O" to turn them on (some times you need to press it twice), press "O" again will turn lights off.


I wish there would be a way to do the same with your base streetlights.

- If you find valuable resources and overload your pathfinder - there is a way to speed him up a bit. Just use a spear, hit the LMB once to enter combat mode and then use tertiary attack (it's mouse scroll up by default). This is charge attack and it works fine with any weight you carry. Just don't forget to walk from time to time to regain stamina and then do series of charges again (don't charge in to a bear or rhino tho : ))

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