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  1. Well they made 2 mistakes : giving a date and releasing it now. That does not make the devs bad but their communication and organization is bad. So it's not about the devs but the man who takes decisions
  2. Is it a matter of life or death if your little darling game does not release when you want it? Maybe some kids had planned a day to steal their parents' credit card? Seriously, if they reported it, it's to make sure the game is not as laggy as it was when it was suppose to be released. Even if it was laggy day one, it could have been worse if they did not report.
  3. Do you know there is a bug reports category? Post there https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-bug-reports/
  4. The devs were working on fixes during Christmas while your mother was feeding you with a good ol' turkey and giving you presents with Santa Claus patterns on it, respect them.
  5. XLR

    Basic Atlas Tutorial

    UPDATE : Made another topic including your informations, please check it
  6. XLR

    Important tips

    This tutorial follow the basic atlas tutorial I made days ago : With the coming updates, a lot of things have changed and I'll try to put as much tips as I can (until the edit button disappear) : - You don't necessarily have to punch trees to gather wood at the start. You can find saplings, long and thin trees (like a plant) to gather wood, press [E] to grab them. - Stones that can be gathered just by taking it from the floor are found on the beaches, press [E] to grab them. - When you die IN a freeport, your body will disappear, so please take notes that if you die, you will loose everything you had in your inventory and hotbar. - Fishing works by placing a chair (craft it with the Basic Construction skill), making a fishing rod (Advanced tools skill), and sliding a bait into the fishing rod (saps, sugarcane...) (Saps can be found near the huge and tall trees with the big roots. Press [E] to grab them). Just sit on the chair and use the fishing rod targeting the water. - You can gather metal next to the huge cliffs you see in freeports. These stones with blue / green spots. - Blue Vitamin (D) is fish, Pink vitamin (B) is meat, Yellow vitamin (A) is vegetables, Orange vitamin (C) are berries. - When you kill an animal, use the pickaxe to gather the meat/fish and use the hatchet to gather more hide/skin. - If you really need water, you don't have any waterskins and you are really far from a fresh source, find a moist place and prone by pressing [X]. Click [LeftMouseButton]. If it works, a bar will appear with a white zone and a red marker. Try to click when the red marker is in the white zone. You can now drink water from the floor. - Cows and alligators drop the best meat. - Press [H] on anything that you can gather to see what is can drop. - To gather Thatch, use your pickaxe on trees (plam trees are the best for thatch). - You can reset your skills at every level you gain, you need to click the hand with an arrow icon next to your name in your inventory. - If you have a ship or a raft, the first thing to craft is a bed and a storage box. Put everything you have on the storage box. If you die, you'll be happy to be on your ship with all your items. If you have some more tips, write it in the comments and I'll edit that post.
  7. XLR

    Basic Atlas Tutorial

    It seems that the post is to popular now to be edited, i don't have the option, sorry
  8. Singleplayer is ruining the goal of the game. They are trying to make the community speaking and working with each others. But maybe some dev mods are going to include it.
  9. You can find saps next to the big/huge trees with the huge roots.
  10. I guess if you explore much more Tundra Zones you can find some variants of fibers that are called "straw", just look everywhere, it looks like a dead plant
  11. XLR

    Basic Atlas Tutorial

    Probably a problem coming from Atlas, ask it in the bug/report category! I think it's a problem coming from Atlas. Try to ask that in the bug/report category in the forum!
  12. XLR

    Basic Atlas Tutorial

    You need to find your friend then hold E on them. There is an option to add them to your company. They need to be at least level 3 to join it. Power stones are artifacts that you need to collect, when you collect the 9 powers stones there is an event you SHOULD do with other people to kill a special monster. I don't know more about it because I haven't done it xD
  13. This is the tutorial given the first time you join a server in Atlas. In case people need it, here it is : WELCOME TO ATLAS Hello there, and welcome to ATLAS! Thank you so much for joining us in this crazy adventure, there's a lot to see, so please take a few moments to read these tutorial texts. The world of ATLAS is a huge, dangerous place. It is full of opportunity, betrayal, conquest, collapse, adventure, friendship, struggle, loss, and glorious battle. Whatever you are here for, be it to start a massive, sprawling trade network; see the world, and chart its seas; defeat great enemies and uncover secrets; rule over a vast empire, or find yourself a soldier of fortune, please remember these four founding pillars as you start out : Survive, Explore, Adventure. Build. These are the foundation on which the world was built, and are the core of your experience here in the world. Now, go ahead and walk out of the town you start in, and find some bushes, rocks, and tress. Press [E] to harvest the bushes, or use [LeftMouseButton] to punch and harvest the trees or rocks around you. These will be the basic resources you need to make some very general tools and get you started. Once you see the big "You have gained a level up!" prompt at the top of your screen, it's time to level up! You can press to open your inventory, and toss some points in a stat. Health or Weight is good. Then, go on over to the skill tree (you can see the tab for skills up at the top of your screen) and grab the skill "The Basics" from the Survivalism skill tree. The first things you'll want to craft are the Stone Pick, the Stone Hatchet, and all of the Cloth Armor. Consider a torch and campfire for staying warm and seeing once night-time comes around. Equipping items can be done by double-clicking on a weapon or piece of armor, and it'll be equipped to your hotbar to use them once they're equipped. Kill anything small and helpless-- chickens, rabbits, turtles. Be Careful around parrots, flying creatures, and anything bigger than you. You'll get hide and pelt from them that is needed to get off the freeport island. You can harvest them whit your pick or your axe to get more meat or hide respectively. Keep an eye on your vitamin levels, and if they get too low, eat some food! All edible food in ATLAS has an icon on it that shows which vitamins it restores. You want to stay balanced as much as you can, as there are large bonuses for players who keep their vitamins in equilibrium. Becoming too low or too high in any given vitamin will cause certain debuffs to impact you. If you find yourself dying and aren't sure why, check your vitamin levels. Don't forget to put wood in your campfire and cook the meat you find! You will want both animal and fish meat, so find the sign near the town you started in that says "WATER". Follow the arrow, and you'll find fresh water & fish you can catch. You are starting the game on a Freeport! Freeport towns are essentially "starter" towns, where PvP (Player vs Player) combat is disabled, creatures are more plentiful and non aggressive, resources respawn very quickly, and other restrictions are in place to prevent building and claiming land. You want to leave the freeport AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! While on a freeport, you cannot level beyond level 8, you can't build your own buildings or most structures, and you have no access to most of the game's content. LEAVING A FREEPORT IS EASY, BUT PLEASE PREPARE BEFORE YOU GO. There is an NPC in every freeport town that will sell you a raft for cheap-- find them on the docks, and just press [E] to talk to them. I suggest for each person riding on your raft: - 20 Pieces of both Fish and Animal Meat, - 50 Pices of some kinds of Berry/Fruit, - 50 Pieces of some Wild Vegetables, - 5 Full Waterskins, - At LEAST level 5. You can keep the supplies on your person, or you can unlock the "Construction and Mercantilism" discipline from your skill tree, and learn to craft small storage boxes, which is also a really good idea! Pressing [M] will allow you to bring up your map, which fills itself out automatically as you travel. Make note that there is both a fog of war, and a shroud of war-- the Fog covers things you've never seen before, and the shroud hides any activity that might be taking place outside of your view. Note that you can see where you are, how you're moving, and that you have a compass in hand to get your bearings. You can use it to try and navigate, or just trust the wind. You will know you've left a freeport server as soon as you see a message letting you know you're transferring to a new server. Once you're on the new server, all bets are off. Now that you're out of the freeport region, what do you do!? Well, here's a thought for the next phase of your adventure, Pathfinder: find patch of land, and make it your own. On your [F1] key, there's a "claim flag" which you can place down to start claiming the land around you. Once you've found a cozy beach, go ahead and start claiming it! As long as nobody already owns it, the process is automatic, and you just have to hang around the flag for a while while it captures. Claim areas are fairly generous, and as long as you own an area, you can build whatever you want in it. For now, you should only need one or at most two of them. At this point, your main goal should be to ditch that stinky raft, and build yourself a small forward base-- the ultimate goal would be building a small shipyard, found in the "Seamanship" skill tree, under the "Shipwright" skill. The Sloop is your first real ship, and building it is going to take a bit of time and effort--hope you've brought friends! One other very important note, if you open your inventory and take a look at the Quest Log tab, you'll see there is already a task available to you. Hidden throughout the world of ATLAS, there are Power Stones, ancient artifacts that tie Pathfinders to the greater secrets of the world, and the compass you hold in hand. Remember that exploring and visiting new islands will reveal Discovery Zones! These will give you XP bonuses, and also raise your max XP cap, allowing you to earn more levels. Yes, this means you MUST EXPLORE THE WORLD TO RAISE YOUR LEVEL! There is a massive skill tree to explore, full of special Feats which you can access with [G], that give you new powers, skills, a huge number of craftable items; swords and shields, firearms, cannons, ships, food and recipes, structures, ammo etc. You can reset your stats and skills using an icon in the inventory , so don't be afraid to experiment a little! You can make mistakes! THE END Some of the text on 2 pages of the tutorial were croped out so it was impossible to transcribe it, sorry...
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