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  1. 8 hours of work for nothing actually nothin we didnt even sail once with it and it was finshed
  2. now they fixed it wow after my ship got destroyed
  3. ive just found a treasure map ^^
  4. so we shouldnt build a schooner?
  5. is it really that bad Ive only seen one ship so far and I played 20 hours
  6. we couldnt even sail once with our ship
  7. the Thing is to ghost ship you mostly die on youre fault but when youre ship dies because of an bug thats really annoying and you just donw want to play anymore
  8. wow than we have to farm 8 hours again -.- what a waste of time
  9. we were off like 10 hours and than we saw our schooner fully build destroyed in our shipyard what can we do
  10. I've reseted my skills and took all points into inteligence and now I want to reset again but I cant why?
  11. Me and my friends are having problems with E12 on the EU PVE server
  12. but it's not fun it is laggin like shit and rubberbanding is also hard
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