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  1. I agree it really feels like just another Ark or horrible copy of Conan Exiles. I actually would like to play the other titles if they would have a system travelling system as Atlas does. But pirates here is just a barely visible theme as for now.
  2. I said that before and will just repead: We all know it's 2h refund time. Why won't you refund after 1.5h waiting in menu? Early access is very specific and anyone who bought game in the first week of ea should be ready this money can give you something playable in years, or never. If you decide to support this team in building the game, why would you retrieve this money after a week? Considering they're giving us at least one patch daily I wouldn't call it a lost cause. Why are you surprise game is not working correctly after moving the release date 5 times or so?
  3. This in particular is something other players would help you with for sure. Tell people around you have a sword they can take xD
  4. Didn't even think it's a thing but of course the problem is huge and I am worried there is just to many problems to fix in few days
  5. I am sorry but to be serious - you know it's 2 h try time, why spend all this time in menu instead of turning game off and wait for patch? If after 1.5h you knew you can't even log in - why didn't you refund then? And at least - all of us who paid for early access after release was moved 5 times knew it's not going to be easy experience. If you regret it already and not willing to give devs any chances - why even go into early access gaming?
  6. I actually don't see any problems with current way. Adding this "rich, poor" stuff would make it even more complex and complicated. Just keep it all in the middle or above, easy and nice. Try to eat all the ingredients together as they seems to give a buff to each other and fills you better. Crafted food is even better and stays fresh longer. Vitamins system is a bit too harsh but is it really complicated?
  7. I agree Atlas needs a lot of work to be done but Also think there is visible progress done in few days (including Christmas!). From literally unplayable game so bugged you can not move most of us can actually play. No solo/ small groups, crazy spawns and hundreds of problems but there is patch or few daily. If you can't deal with it - you need to wait few months for all of it at least to calm down..
  8. Is not raft decay outside Freeport like 8h? Because I'm actually at work 8h and it doesn't really work for me at all.
  9. Let count the biggest issues: - deadly, very fast animals (also like to spawn randomly close to you!) - hackers killing you thru the walls of your base (but if you have one you have won already!) - megas trials, often chinese so you can't even understand what are they saying to you. Well, they'll kill you anyway. - lack of resources in many places - lack of vitamins can kill you easily, even if you're all full and can't eat anymore - quick raft and smaller ships decay, so you can barely work or study - no safe place for your boat, it will be stolen within 30 minutes you left the server anyway - no places for bases as it's mostly claimed already I actually love this hardcore, but if you believe you are going to achieve anything soon - you're fooling yourself.
  10. Yeah I am also kind of waiting for it. I'd like to pay a "rent" to somebody and be able to play only few hours daily or not at all for a day or two. I mean - i love this hardcore games, but 9 hours shifts and personal life = no time for playing 12h a day. I believe my "landlord" could protect and look after his area while I can just go to work. Sadly as for now it's usually KOS, eventually with some stupid apology like "sorry, I was thinking you're this other guy" LOL
  11. Just yesterday there were Russian players on EU Pvp, i quess it's more on your side.
  12. It's good to mention that vitamin system is working so badly, that even when you're doing everything fine = you'll still probably die. I noticed that my vitamins are going down faster and are barely regenerating when far from the land. But like in a crazy way. After sailing to the islands not that far away I have usually my hunger all full, but my vitamins super low - despite I'm eating all the way long 4 ingredients at the time. I quess that meant to force us to group up with a cook, who is able to make better food as better vitamins source. But it's all almost unplayable at the start and I also died few times "working out" the system.
  13. 8 hours for a raft Oo Oh god, i didn't really know that! Now i see that my raft building is all silly, I am working 9 hours shifts anyway. Starting to believe this game is not for me at all
  14. Hary0n

    Fire death

    Thank you, I tried that. Didn't work. I will start it all again. Thanks!
  15. Hary0n

    Fire death

    It was showing on the map after I died in fire. I respawned in the bed on the raft. Still burning. After this death bed is gone from the map and I can not respawn. Don't know how's on the raft. I quess it burned out from this little fire and it's not there anymore or something.
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