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  1. Harry Bosch

    Hatchet and Sickle vs Planks

    Agreed, sickle must do 0 dmg against ships, and a axe, lesser damage and must loose faster durability when they hit planks.
  2. Harry Bosch

    Ghost ships... (Are you kidding me?)

    Ships of the Damned must be a Special and more rar Encounter. The Players must be enjoy to kill this Ships while they are Rar. At the moment its boring, always you on sea u see this ships. The spawn rates at predators and SotD are really to much
  3. Harry Bosch

    Wolves Wolves, nerf or delete them!

    U guys forgot one thing about wolves - when they didnt kick you, u are stucked in them -.- we are on a island with Wolves and vultures and a lot of other predators. Sometimes i survive the wolves with low hp, but than comes this vultures and give me the rest -.- The Combination of all its painfull. We tamed a few Wolves, but thats not rentable from timespanding, Tamed tiers are despawning (no kill message when we got online) or get kill from alphas or larger Packs.
  4. Harry Bosch

    Small Company Servers & No Alliances

    I Agree that, that zerg guilds will break the game, now in 1-2 Weeks the Playerbase will be sinking from day to day. guys like peggy leggy dont understand that non official servers has a lot of bugs, and there costs for any cluster its really painful.
  5. Harry Bosch

    Its not a Pirate Game anymore

    Haha i play alot of games in the last 20 years, and only in eve its like in Atlas, but in Eve the World its not so "tiny" Other Massive multiplayer Games having a existing Economy Economy in Atlas? lol not existing. Its possible to farm all the stuff self in the near
  6. Harry Bosch

    Its not a Pirate Game anymore

    rofl pls stop writing this..... u dont understand anything what the problem at Atlas is. But u will figure it out in the next 2-3 weeks
  7. Harry Bosch

    Its not a Pirate Game anymore

    rofl du dont understand me, i play with other guys together, but not with hundreds, i like it more 20-30 people and not hundrets or thousands, thats the only point at the moment u stay alive to play in a zerg alliance Outnumbered isnt fun pvp, best pvp its ship vs ship battle or 2 vs 3 ships or so. So skill its important, and not mass pvp
  8. Harry Bosch

    Its not a Pirate Game anymore

    At PvP servers this game has nothing to do with pirate feeling. only same speaking people claim alot of clusters. And get mass pvp. Ok its possible to join this companys/alliances to survive this. But u join the home clusters or something and the complete cluster its full of people. Lags and rubberbanding at the most time. I like pvp, but not the mass company/alliance shit.
  9. Harry Bosch

    PvP Close Combat is too slow

    thats not a problem for melee, its problem from ranged balance at the moment
  10. Harry Bosch

    New Skill system is a no go for me.

    U can still Learn 2 things maxed and a lot of things on a early Stage. As Possible. Shipmans + arterllery + survival down for more effective vitaminsdrain, + fire arrows, construction a few things and beastmastery for riding tier 2 and a lot of other small things for crafting common consumables. So u need only 4-5 People to craft anything !
  11. Fire Arrows must be deflected when u wearing Plate armor, i mean its only a stonearrow with a bit fire. The best option would be, a long animation for Ignite the Arrow, or u had a fire near you so u can reload and Put E for faster firing, but u are stationary. That would Nerf the Fire Arrows in the right way
  12. Harry Bosch

    PvP Close Combat is too slow

    close combat its fine, when its to fast, a lot of mechanics will be useless
  13. Harry Bosch

    Important tips

    at the last point with the storage u can add to set a pin code! so no one can steal your stuff
  14. Harry Bosch

    Metal Farming

    Look in your near, no one place a Buoje or lighttower, that prevent ressource spawns
  15. Harry Bosch

    Map is too small for 40k players

    its not the map size. The claim system its the problem. At the moment its so the map its claimed from first days where was easy to mass claimed. The Game needs more Stratetical Claimplacements with a low amount of claims. To claim a complette entire island (not a small or a tiny one) must be a process over weeks