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Patch v549.6 - Atlas Summer Tune Up!

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Ahoy Pathfinders,

This season has been one of the hottest on record and, with its end coming soon, we’ll be refitting the fleet. We’re making preparations and changes for the next season of adventure, starting with our Summer Tune Up! 
This maintenance patch is dedicated to fixing many of the bugs and issues that have accumulated over the past few months and hopefully, put Atlas in a manageable game state leading into the new improvements coming in the Fall. What changes, you ask? Well, you’ll have to bottle up your excitement for now but we’ll have more details on the changes coming in our next patch over the next few weeks.
We are always grateful for the support and feedback the community has provided along our journey and hope it continues into the future. With that said, ‘til next time, may your skies be clear, waters calm, and sails full in whichever way you roam.   

     :anchor: Released Patch Notes :anchor:

Originally slated for 8/10, this patch will be released on 8/17/22 at 7PM PDT

New Content
image (17).jpg

Poison Arrow
Causes a debuff that lowers food and water on the target for 60 seconds. Getting too close to an affected target will spread the debuff.

  • Secrets of the Bow
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • 1 Stone Arrow
  • 10 Toxic Compound (any combination)

image (11).jpg

New Region: Trackless Waters
Trackless Waters has reappeared into the Atlas as a Lawless Tundra area for pathfinders to explore and conquer. Bundle up and find rare resources and dangerous beasts. It is accessible through portals in Antarctica and North Pole

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances of all treasure maps in single player going to H6
  • Fixed instances of text inconsistencies
  • Fixed collision issue with the stairs on the Turtle Ship
  • Fixed instances of graphics quality lowering after loading in
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed an issue of unloading tames when accessing fertilizer barrel
  • Fixed an issue with floor tiles not snapping to same height as the floor foundation
  • Fixed an issue with railings facing the wrong direction on the right side of a Pegasus
  • Fixed an issue where demolishing a ritual pedestal casting unnatural fog crashed the game
  • Fixed an issue with sail placement on mortar ship blocking the door and ladder.
  • Fixed an issue where a player gets blocked ascending 1 side of a ship's side scaffolding.
  • Fixed an issue where the spyglass and sextant overlay did not display in the maw waters
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to go prone during circular slice
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to reset the heavy shield bash cooldown
  • Fixed an issue with invisible walls around Tramp Freighters being built in the Basic Shipyard
  • Fixed an issue where sails could be placed on the rear castles of the Tramp Freighter and Carrack
  • Fixed an issue where sails could be placed and block the Front Castle door on the Harrier
  • Fixed an issue where sails could be placed on the steering wheel and rear stairs of the Ramming Galley
  • Fixed an issue with the transient tracker tutorial text
  • Fixed issues with normal and Kraken style railings
  • Fixed an issue where Medkits could not be used on Tames
  • Fixed an issue with Ore Miner and Grave Digger blocking other farming structures
  • Fixed a text overlap issue in Industrial Smithy recipes for structures with long names
  • Fixed an issue where structures would continue to auto-repair forever
  • Fixed a collision issue with the stairs on the Carrack
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to place certain Industrial structures on a shipyard
  • Fixed an issue with baby spiders dying on server restart
  • Fixed an issue wherein holiday vendor was selling outdated items at Freeports
  • Fixed map collision issues.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting the progression table on the Industrial Wonder caused the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing description for Large Storage box item.
  • Fixed an issue about naming inconsistency for the Verse Book item.
  • Fixed an issue wherein spyglass was not displaying title/description when viewing sunken treasure.
  • Fixed instances of railings not snapping while in Simplified Chinese
  • Fixed an issue where the discovered banner would appear each time the player fast traveled
  • Fixed an issue where cobras could not be targeted by a puckle gun
  • Fixed instances of player’s being able to place bed underwater
  • Fixed instances where players would lose functionality after logging out on ships in shipyards


  • The art for the advanced dock has slightly changed
  • Adjusted trade wind routes to better match map art
  • New art for Orichalcumized Rock
  • New art for Sulfurized Rock
  • Tames born in the tame house are set to follow the player when unloaded
  • Tames born and raised in the tame house or tame hatchery can have their imprint timers paused manually inside the structure
  • Players can now zoom in/out on the world/region maps to transition between them using mouse scroll wheel and controllers
  • A button has been added to server selection screen to join with new character. This allows players to delete their current character and start again
  • Artifact keys can only be used on the island the boss was defeated on
  • Removal of underwater effects and maw waters fog effects have been disabled in .ini files
  • Removed inventory access from Cursed Temple
  • Equipment slots on the Ritual Pedestal have been removed
  • Blueprints for modular ship tiles and railings will now drop from SoTD flotsam

Xbox Only

  • Reduced memory usage in certain areas

Known Issues

  • Visual effect on the poison arrows will sometimes last longer than intended


     :anchor: Final Note :anchor:

Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. 

As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support! 🙂



Happy Sailing,

- ATLAS Crew

:skull: For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information :skull:

Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas

Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas

Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas

Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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small tribes in atlas, limit of allies and structures is the solution

Edited by asturiespain

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Hello Dev's!

I'm Official PVE most the time and found a few bugs and things that could use a good look over.

First off I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to fixing and making this game more enjoyable to players like my self.     
P.S    love this game!

Bugs I and others in our group and not in our group have found over time.

1.   Animals moving all over the Brig and Gal's/Ships while sailing, they move so much i cant fully walk around the ship without bumping into invisible animals, and on the gal's they keep falling off
2.   When Claiming an animal with anything other then a normal saddle the animal become untradeable and
     unusable, can't remove the saddle and can't use it.
3.   Cant Whistle to cats.
4.   At this time Saddles keep vanishing some still look like they have a saddle some are fine and some just Poof away.

 Things that could use improvement:

1.   When its time to sail and you lift anchor on a nice day Fog/Rain is always triggered.
2.   When building Ships PVE Crew don't fix ceilings, wall's, sails, roofs on the ships.
3.   After adding ceilings, wall's, sails, roofs on the ships. Crew don't fix them, we need them to
      fix those items too.
4.   Wild untamed Animals wondering always get in front of me while i'm working they seam to
      want to get in the way a lot. If this is a thing please turn it off.
5.   When its time to sail and you lift anchor on a nice day Fog/Rain is always triggered. Can
      this not happen. (Its Better but still a thing)
6.   Cyclones/Twisters follow unanchored ships like its alive, would be better if they didn't and
      moved more unaware of us and we had enough time to move from them like in real life,
      you see it and we can plan ahead, like add them to the map so we can all see them ahead
      of time.
7.   Ships of the damned gold loot is so low. Can we have more gold for killing them? Right
      now they are more of an annoyance to players and are not profitable so no one wants to
      hunt them unless they need npc's or sail patterns, or are trying to lvl a ship.
8.   Can you make the shovel work to flatten terrain for build purposes?
9.   Add more content like decorations for in and out side of builds, And Dock decorations like
      small lights and rope, rope ties.
10.  Lanterns don't last very long, can you prolong the light? If we can add Oils in a slot in
      the lanterns and it keeps them on to the oil is gone would be great! or never run out?
11.  More outfits, weapon decorations to add to the existing ones more then we currently have
      at our freeports now.
12.  A large cage or small, medium, large cage to lock up animals/NPC's for sales.  Like i add
      the claimed animal to it and add a price to the cage and a note so others know the stats of
      that animal. Then when someone wants it they can buy it and the cage opens animal
      claimed to new owner and it holds the gold till i come to collect it, and refill it with an animal
      of my choice kinda like the shops now only animals.
13.  Please add so on the animals their is at tab on the spin wheel we can add allow Alliance to use on and off option.
14.  Please add so on the beds we can also open the spin wheel so we can add allow Alliance to use on and off option.
15.  May we have a Cargo box to snap to the ships to store animals in on Brigantine and Galleons.
16.  Can we have the silos feed the Mesh tables and Feeding troughs.
17.  Allow us to add Veggies from our inventory into the feeding Trough with the Arrow to cap all the Veggies already in the feeding Trough at 100, Makes sense right.
18.  Allow us to choose the amount to remove from our Munitions Storage, Right now we have to pull out ALL our cannonballs and other ammo before we can change the amount    making us over weight and then we have to put it all back in the Munitions Storage beside the amount we want to keep out for the ammo container.
19.  Allow us to choose the amount of resources to remove from the Ship Resource Box/Captions chest.
20.  PLEASE give me a way to Stop Pooping!  Should only poop when i click on Force poop not all the damn time! I'm like Hey how are you doing to a person and Out of no  place I poop then they poop.. in RL if i need to poop i push it out. try talking to people and i poop then they poop come on Im not an old fart that needs dippers here! lol What gives!
21.  Can we have fertilizer stack?
22.  Can you make the Silo so it collects the Veggies and other farmed Crops we grow? or add a building that farms the plots for us or an npc or something?
23.  Cyclones should not follow ships around like they are alive but they should act more on the
      server side not self aware of players.

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LOL NE01011

You have some good suggestions but honestly, I truly doubt the Devs will read your post. They have never shown a genuine interest in anything players have to say.

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On 8/11/2022 at 3:36 AM, Nutty Grandad said:

LOL NE01011

You have some good suggestions but honestly, I truly doubt the Devs will read your post. They have never shown a genuine interest in anything players have to say.

ive actually have had a few suggestions put into the game that ive submitted on the forums. 

and looking at your forum profile, i can see why you have not, mr 25 reputation.


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Xbox connection issues worse since this update.  Consistently getting disconnected on islands, or sailing up to islands. On top of that, we then have to deal with time out loop (trying to reconnect). When will this be fixed? 

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