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  1. are you going to fix the error with the logs? they don't show up when linking a discord webhook...
  2. Stop Eat 16 millions $
  3. I could play the game if I wasn't banned for no reason. And so your ARK reskin doesn't bother me anymore.
  4. Kill armored dock meta - reborn game!
  5. Brain dead devs - brain dead community. You full PvE... Go KYS
  6. Will the spider now be able to climb the sheer cliffs? Urgently make a platform for him so that you can put a cannon there! Reduce the maximum height for Puckle even more! Be sure to make a platform for the dragon too! So that you can even put cannons on it! And even better if you make the entire map lawless! Offline raids are much more interesting than online war! Work, work!
  7. Ahahaha, well, then let's add an atomic bomb to make solo players even easier ... otherwise, why are big companies insolent! They spend their free time and energy to bring themselves regional resources and craft a mythical ship for themselves! They are completely insolent! But seriously, everything that you wrote my friend is idiocy. I have played both in big companies (ED, TOE, etc.) and in small companies, even solo. And even my solo player had regional resources to craft everything from staff to legendary / mythical planks for the ship, as well as equip it with no less good artillery.What kind of experience in pvp can you talk about if you do not even realize that on the same lawless you can build entire bases under water, closing them from above with platforms, none of the big companies stupidly pays attention to these fobs / caches or will not demolish them because it is too costly, and some hideouts in general, in principle, cannot be blown up with barrels, because they are generally closed by a rock under the water from above! But most likely you are one of those noobs living in the Lawles region who build bases near the coast or on the pillar and with a 24/7 phase, which is essentially wonders how he is constantly being demolished and robbed. Nobody prevents a smaller company or solo player from joining a medium or large company or alliance.Of course, if you are not a noob who runs around with a carbine or blunderbuss (without using melee weapons) and shout that the levels of your opponents are too high for you to kill them. Oh yes, now you do not need a carbine or blunderbuss, you can run and put Puckle, which will start shooting almost immediately (after 30 seconds), while you are demolished 1 Puckle you put 10. Cool game, baby! Do you know what big companies that you hate so fiercely will do now? They will spam the island with thousands of Puckles as they have no limit! xD And in any phase you can not even land there in solo or with friends! I need the title of Puckle Warrior, Supa Fighter! Supa Warrior! With a gray ship with barrels, you will not present any danger to the fleet of you hated large tribes. Why are there still idiots in this game and those like it (ARK) who think that if the developers break the balance towards small companies and solo players, then this broken balance will work only for them and for no one else ?! Why have these people, apparently not having convolutions in their brains, have not learned anything yet ?! Do you think your ship with barrels will survive the salvo of the same ship with only mythical barrels? With mythical guns? Seriously? Do you think Puckles spam works only from your side? Or what? It's hopeless ... People playing atlas with blood from their nose proved to me that Atlas is not a casual game, that it will never happen the same as with ARK ... As a result, ARK still has more or less normal online, overwhelming at times online "non-casual" Atlas. It took me 2.5k hours of playing pvp (also from the 1st season) to understand how this game and its valiant developers were crap. Good day to you, friend!
  8. Your community is dead guys ... you do shit from patch to patch. You made shitty barrels that upset the balance in terms of sinking enemy ships and clearing land fortifications. You also added unbalanced manned puckles, now people don't take horses with swivels to defend the island, they run around and spam puckles that start shooting almost instantly, I'm not against such puckles, but you had to remove the ability to put them in the combat phase! Moreover, they don't have a cooldown , it's terrible ... From patch to patch you lose people, your game has the potential to be the best in its genre, but you do everything quickly so that no one is left in It. Rest in Peace Atlas!
  9. I support the person who proposed to boycott the Atlas. If the developers again roll out the shit with safe zones, in which all the cowardly tribes will save the main loot, then let these tribes play on this cluster themselves. The rest will leave or boycott such an "honest" game. I was horrified by the fact that one shooter (albeit a different genre of the game, but still) which I abandoned 5 years ago due to low online, has this online more than a single PvP cluster in Atlas, designed for 40k people . So boycott and only boycott! Nothing more will make these lazy asses do their job! I think many people from normal, real PvP tribes will support this initiative. I already wrote about PvErs, we PvPers in no way want to limit your freedoms! All claims to developers who want to push their foreheads against 2 opposite aspects of the game. In this game, it is impossible to make both live well and at the same time all behave well, do not buggy, do not abuse PvE components, etc. These are all dreams that do not have a solid foundation and structural changes.
  10. @Chismebeard @Gortok @Nami are very happy to see you, welcome! I hope that at least you get the habit of communicating with the community, past CMs were not very talkative, to say the least. So, apparently, with the change in the global map, the new season starts in Atlas, what will it be? But this is a general question, let's move on to the essence and specificity. 1. As far as I understand, developers are removing PVE servers and in the new season they want to combine aspects of PVP & PVE, as well as their groups of people. That is, you will be forced to make the PVP server more loyal to the PVE community. Are you not afraid that features intended for PVE players will be abused by PVP players? If this really happens, then we will come to a more deplorable state on PVP than now. We, pvp players from ARK, are tired of the fact that people are used to being more fighters of global chat and freeport, and not to fight in the normal way. You know, there are such companies on NA, but more of them on EU. If you know what I mean. I would like to know in more detail how this combination of the two sides of the game will be implemented. Do not get me wrong, I do not want to infringe on the rights of PVE players, on the contrary. But just as they consider the combination of PVE and PVP community unnecessary! Because this will generate more toxicity between the community of the game in general terms. 2. The concept of a new world map is incomprehensible. West and East located simultaneously on the same side of the world look a disorienting i think. I will not say anything about the rest, in shock ... but I will not say anything. It is also not very clear why the Golden Age and Lawless zones were moved to the center of the map, what is the point? Yes, in this way you will create more competition between the companies, create a “storm in a glass" (only a larger one) the so-called hunt / fight for experience. But all this will again affect PVErs, will they be deprived? From a “storm in a glass” it will turn into a storm of diarrhea in a global chat, my opinion. On the one hand, it’s a lot of fun to watch, probably ... but it really saddens me a lot. If I understand correctly, there will be sectors on the Lawless borders with islands that can be captured, as I heard they are called Low-Risk zones. These are sectors in which you can claim the islands, and at the same time it will be impossible to fight or raid on this island. The war is only in the water and lawless sectors. If this is for PVErs, that’s good, but again this refers to the first point that I wrote. If this is abused, I suggest that these islands will be clogged with PVPers parking lots. Or maybe whole cities on rafts, as they are now in free ports. As a result, we will not get any competition that the developers had in mind, and again we will return to afk campaigns against each other and to the chat war in words. I think that people from the first season look at all this with a wild laugh. 3. Lags, bugs and everything related to this. Two or three months ago, I already wrote a post about how much lags interfere, I play on PC. Can’t even imagine what the hell is going on with the guys on the Xbox, I am sorry for them. I’ll write again, the game is seriously lacking in normal optimization both in terms of ping and in terms of the graphic component. There is no breathtaking picture in the game, but the lags are like every pixel was made for some kind of ultra-super-nextgen project. Can we, the community of your game, hope in the new season not only for remaking the map, but also for normal optimization from the client side (in terms of graphic changes) and server optimization, normalization of ping for large Pvp hassles, for example? A large share of the lags is played by the fact that the game engine calculates the NPC aimbot very poorly. The more NPCs - the more lags and crashes. This applies to huge battles on ships. For example, imagine a battle of 25-30 ships, or rather galleons, more than 1k NPCs simultaneously in one sector, I’ll say more - you don’t need to imagine, just look at YouTube or the GMs guys will be present in spectator mode at one of these battles. Sea battles are certainly understandable, but imagine for a second that this is happening in the sector where all the islands are built up and they have at least the same number of NPCs. What will happen to the server in this case? Crash, crash after crash ... lag after lag. It is necessary to optimize it, please! #NeedForOptimization As for bugs, a person who recently laid out everything on the shelves was doing a post here recently. But his post was deleted, probably due to the fact that it contained information on duplication, starting with sets of armor and ending with duplication of anything. Also in this post contained information on other bugs that no less need a fix. I really hope that before the post was deleted, at least they read it and use the information received for the benefit in order to eliminate the vile errors that currently exist in the project! 4. New content, in particular the addition of new types of ships and landing mechanics, hijacking, improved melee mechanics. Will this be done? If not after a wipe, then when? Can we hope the developers still stick to the roadmap they once announced? Forgive me if you have the impression of a very curious child who asks too many questions that are very difficult to answer right away. But, as you understand, there was no normal communication with the community, so I think that so many complaints and questions have accumulated. I'm not trying to offend the work of developers or somehow belittle it ... It’s just that the situation is that less and less people remain and support you. It is deplorable and very sad. The fewer people - the fewer potential beta testers who report problems and send bug reports. It’s very a pity your rather promising project, it is as if shouting to the developers: "Mom, I do not want to die!" The request of those who read the post to support it please, peace my dudes!
  11. Lol dude, if these are PvPvE servers, then why take over the island? You can live in a free port and raid everyone with the help of the "mechanics" of the free port that you offer, on the contrary, developers need to reduce the time that the ship can spend in this port. In pvp it's been abused for a long time. A free port without rotting ships - unbalanced shit upsets the balance in the game, you already have a peaceful phase of 15 hours, what else is needed? In the first season of Atlas PVP there were no peaceful stages at all, and everyone survived as best they could ...
  12. And it's all? Is that all you could squeeze out of yourself for these long months without patches and edits ?! Really?! When does pvp balance normally? Do you know what is happening on your official servers ?! I think not ... Do you know that you ''developers '' killed a normal ground pvp with your own hands ?! Your game rots and degrades too fast ... Online on EU PVP, even in a pandemic, when everyone is at home, dropped to 400-500 people! Your game in such an online environment needs extreme measures! It is urgent to cut the global ship limit to 30, the people limit in the company to 25-30 people, alliances either prohibit or leave only 1 possible group for alliances consisting of 3-4 companies, and the most important and necessary amendment is to cut the number of NPCs that can be hired one company per island / square, etc. Your game creates lags on the servers and clients of players in 90% of cases due to the huge number of NPCs in one or another square, as well as tamed animals. I am more than sure that you will not be able to optimize the miscalculation by the game engine of artificial intelligence, the aimbot of this artificial intelligence, etc. Since ARK already passed through all this. Only by cutting the number of turrets in ARK you could achieve more or less normal optimization. Because of the infernal lags in your game, it is impossible to fight properly and enjoy PVP. You can build on the island with the highest cliff in the square, load this island with hundreds of NPCs and no one will raid you! This is the whole essence of your game, because of this, even in PVP, everything slides into PVE, endless growing of animals, etc. Due to the fact that you made the islands imbalanced, increasing Pakl’s damage and swivel, normal competition between the companies was lost. Did you think by doing this you make people go out and fight at sea on ships? No! There is such a chic company like Nightclub (Lucia, Chem B, FO, Eq, F & S, FM) that sits on its island, afraid to seriously fight at sea, but do you know what their argument is? "We are afraid of losing ships, because our opponents will write in a chat -" Ahaha, we drowned your galleon! "" And there are many similar companies ... Which are afraid to lose pixels in the XD game But this does not mean that the game should bend under such people! I really hope that my words will reach the developers! The main thing is to really get it, hope dies last
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