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    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    And it's all? Is that all you could squeeze out of yourself for these long months without patches and edits ?! Really?! When does pvp balance normally? Do you know what is happening on your official servers ?! I think not ... Do you know that you ''developers '' killed a normal ground pvp with your own hands ?! Your game rots and degrades too fast ... Online on EU PVP, even in a pandemic, when everyone is at home, dropped to 400-500 people! Your game in such an online environment needs extreme measures! It is urgent to cut the global ship limit to 30, the people limit in the company to 25-30 people, alliances either prohibit or leave only 1 possible group for alliances consisting of 3-4 companies, and the most important and necessary amendment is to cut the number of NPCs that can be hired one company per island / square, etc. Your game creates lags on the servers and clients of players in 90% of cases due to the huge number of NPCs in one or another square, as well as tamed animals. I am more than sure that you will not be able to optimize the miscalculation by the game engine of artificial intelligence, the aimbot of this artificial intelligence, etc. Since ARK already passed through all this. Only by cutting the number of turrets in ARK you could achieve more or less normal optimization. Because of the infernal lags in your game, it is impossible to fight properly and enjoy PVP. You can build on the island with the highest cliff in the square, load this island with hundreds of NPCs and no one will raid you! This is the whole essence of your game, because of this, even in PVP, everything slides into PVE, endless growing of animals, etc. Due to the fact that you made the islands imbalanced, increasing Pakl’s damage and swivel, normal competition between the companies was lost. Did you think by doing this you make people go out and fight at sea on ships? No! There is such a chic company like Nightclub (Lucia, Chem B, FO, Eq, F & S, FM) that sits on its island, afraid to seriously fight at sea, but do you know what their argument is? "We are afraid of losing ships, because our opponents will write in a chat -" Ahaha, we drowned your galleon! "" And there are many similar companies ... Which are afraid to lose pixels in the XD game But this does not mean that the game should bend under such people! I really hope that my words will reach the developers! The main thing is to really get it, hope dies last