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  1. I'm Black. I mod and I also run servers. I recently purchased a server that I run (not rented) and am offering a permanent home for players and not some fly by night place that will shut down when the rent comes due. I am currently running a 4x4 server. The center 4 grids are PvP lite and the outer grids are all PvE. There are plenty of islands of all climates to build on and multiple islands of the favs. I am looking to build up our playerbase and offering a place to call home to casual folks. We currently have around 6-9 who are frequent and another 12 that are infrequent. We welcome smaller groups or solo and there are no time constraints or minimal days to log in. If you play once a month or every weekend or every damn day you are welcome. With enough people we will run weekend events like ship battles or boss team-ups and even cave runs. Our rates are made for working folks so taming does not take super long and resource gathering is tweaked so it does not take days to craft a galleon. We welcome open market sharing or just stick to your own tribe and do your own thing. My server is very stable and our Discord notifies everyone when the server is coming down and when it comes back up 24 hours a day. I also run Ark Servers (Valguero and Ragnarok and can add more if interested). I also run Conan, PixArk Outlaws of the Old West and anything else we all fancy with room to grow. I am very dedicated to pleasing my players and ask for nothing in return except following the simple rules (posted in our Discord) and being courteous and patient if things go haywire. I do ask that you join our Discord if you plan on playing. Server Info:Atlas Server Info: Search for "Black's Mature Fun 4x4 PvEvP steam://connect/ Discord Info: https://discord.gg/HwdjaWh Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801369594
  2. There are many issues both games have from bugs to shady practices, but ultimately I think the devs do some good work. There are two key things that keep them from being a great gaming company. They rush things. This has been discussed ad nauseum. Atlas should not have been released until later this year because only now are the really good features coming that should have been in at launch. Go ahead and lump in shitty communication with this one as well. This is the more serious problem. They simply do not know who plays their games and why. They fail to understand what their loyal playerbase wants. I get that you want to attract new players and thus new $$, but keeping those who are still logging in to play coming back should be your #1 priority at this point. Exhibit A. They thought that players who played and loved Ark would simply roll along into Atlas yet created a game that although similar missed the things that people love about Ark. People who continue to play Ark do so for many reasons, most of which are not necessarily for it's PvP. They enjoy the scenery, the taming and the building. I would argue that islands like Valguero and Ragnarok are even more played than some of the other DLC maps simply because they are not depressing and are catered to more people vs those who specifically want to be in a cave or endure grueling and unfun gaming mechanics such as the danger zones on Extinction. I for one enjoy the idea of the dropped crates you go to for rewards and have to fight off hoardes of dinos, yet dislike that map for it's limited places to build. I enjoy the caves of Aberration, yet would have much preferred there to be some surface that would not melt your face off. Harsh mechanics do not = fun. This brings me to Atlas. I love setting sail. I love exploring and building, but I also love taming and that was seriously stripped back for this game. It makes sense given the sort of pirate theme you're going for, but then I would need something like the building or more PvE elements to take shape. With the NPC encampments coming, I think this is a good first step, but there needs to be more along those lines. You want to make more money? Try doing what Conan does. Give people new cosmetic DLC's with Ark with entire new building styles to craft and more themed armor/outfits and weapons to gain with more creatures. I'd rather pay for that every few months than to have some bugged out rushed uninteresting harsh new environment to play, to which I will only end up leaving after a month. Give me reasons to log in and play on the very solid maps that are there instead of giving me time sink mechanics I did not ask for. In conclusion, learn who is playing your games and why before your next 3-6 development meeting. Cater to those people. Listen to their feedback. Ask them basic questions. What makes them log in? Why should they come back and play your game? What do they enjoy about Ark or Atlas? What do they dislike? You have so many metrics you can look at such as which maps are most popular right now? What are people doing in your game while they are playing it? What pictures/videos are being posted most? Cater to those people and focus on that and you will not go wrong. repost from Reddit
  3. I am picking up a server to run a 4x4 on. I have been running 4 servers for Ark from a smaller workstation and I want to upgrade. I have already researched specs, but was wondering what the recommended server software to run would be. I am not worried about the learning curve if it is something I am not familiar with as I have time and resources. Just wanted to get some input. Cheers!
  4. I found this. You can edit the REDIS DB and remove all traces of the player. This sucks in that they must start over, but it should allow players to play again. A kind admin can give up some XP to help get them back on their feet. https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6894-how-to-connect-to-the-redis-database-for-you-servers/
  5. This is an issue that has happened to a few different players on different servers, different times, different hosts and I have yet to find a fix. Here's what happens: -A player is disconnected for whatever reason or logs off and when tries to log back in, they cannot. They get hung up on Loading Primalgamedata or at the loading mod screen. -Other players can join just fine. The player cannot recreate a character or choose another server. We have even had their character killed by a predator so that maybe it would cause the bugged out character to be able to rejoin somehow. It does not work. Here's what the stuck players have tried: -They have ran a file integrity check. They have uninstalled the mods and let them reinstall one at a time. They have tried joining the game through other players and through the server ip steam window. They have tried joining other servers and then coming back to this one. What works to fix the issue? -I can wipe the server and then the character is freed up so it seems like a possible character file corruption. How can this be fixed? Has anyone else come across this and found a fix?
  6. CaptBlackSparrow

    Developer Live Stream Q&A - Deadline: 1st of May

    For dedicated server owners, can we have options with end game settings so we don't have to always keep expanding grids for each new quest line. (ie; submarine was not unlockable without adding 9 trenches). At this rate only servers with more than 20 grids will be able to experience stuff, leaving out smaller servers.
  7. CaptBlackSparrow

    Remove Kraken barrier away from the submarine !

    So long as it can be unlocked with a mod, then I'm okay with how it is. I do have a problem with the trend of needing so many different islands/trenches to accomplish something though. You shouldn't need more than 4-6 grids to be able to experience the end game items. Also, it's laughable calling and comparing this to an MMO.
  8. CaptBlackSparrow

    pvp [A1] 7x7 PvE, PvP, and Lawless with Mods

    How is the population? Is it too crowded and most of the good spots gone? We are a group of like 8-12 who mostly PvE, but we want a decent island with gems, metals, etc..
  9. How is your population and available islands for PvE? Are all of the good one's taken or is it hard to find a good spot with gems, metals, etc?
  10. Looking for a good home to bring in your small group or even just yourself? We have a great little community and a good stable server with an active admin who runs a mod to make life easier, but not too cheaty. Our settings encourage exploration and reaching out for trade, but you can do stuff yourself as well. -2xXP, 5x Gathering, 10x Taming. -Some resources are higher than 5x based on difficulty in finding -We run server wide events such as planned sea battles -We have 2 PvP zones, but no offline raiding allowed and no griefing of unarmed vessels -Active admin who supports his own mod that helps with things like lighting, new structures, less weight boat storage items, better sails, tamable carnivores, etc. -Map has all resources and boss islands and the kraken -Not overcrowded and plenty of islands to build on -Decent level animals in the wild (40ish), but up to level 80 in the PvP zones -Fun Discord with mature conversations and a helpful community Join us on Discord for server join info: https://discord.gg/HwdjaWh
  11. CaptBlackSparrow

    Discussion - Ideal Grid Size

    I think honestly i would be okay with a 2x3 if it were just a group of like 5-10players, but for 10-20 I think a 3x3 is ideal which is what I run. I did start off with a 2x3 and found it good enough. As for how the zones transition in a worldly manner I get that some might want to experience it more realistically, but that's not needed for my experience and enjoyment of the game. My dream would be a 4x4 though (4 center grids set as PvP with fewer islands, but better treasure/animal levels), but it's definitely not needed for my small band of players.
  12. So since the update this morning we have people who cannot log in to our dedicated servers. It's only affecting some, but they get stuck on PGD. They have tried the following to get in: -Validated Files -Restarted Steam -Multiple Attempts for over an hour -Deleted Mod Folder and Redownloaded Mods. -Tried to run the update on the servers as well.
  13. Do you have to have that server option config to get this to work?
  14. CaptBlackSparrow

    Deadline: 01/18/2019 - Live Stream Questions

    1. Will we see different races with differing looks? (Vikings, Asian, etc) 2. Can we expect many more animal species? It's a bit limiting for now, would love to see the eco system expanded. 3. Can we expect further breakdown of animal parts for more advanced recipes? (tiger pelt/meat vs bear pelt/meat)
  15. Had this same issue with one of our islands. Since no one could basically build on it I just removed it from the map and put another in its place. I threw away the sheet I had wrote the name down, might be the same island.