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Is this how pvp is or was something more going on ?

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I'm playing with a bunch of friends on the EU pvp server, and we are having fun. 

We settled in a lawless zone, the pvp has been decent, we win and we lose, part of the game.

But a couple nights ago, we got raided and this was just not fun at all.

We could do nothing, not even put on any kind resist.

We couldn't damage them or its was so little they didn't bother, they did one hit kill, didn't matter if you were wearing armor or not.

Our poor tames (multiple bears of lvl 40+) died in flock like i'm hitting a chicken. 

Stone walls got destroyed in matter of seconds, almost instantly, without any explosions... and for fun, they placed explosion barrels inside our base, on our foundations.

It this all end game stuff being used to a bunch of newbies ? 


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sounds like the attackers used grog and/or pudding... grog increases melee damage and reduces incoming damage... you can stack them up to 4 times if you have the grog skill line. pudding also reduces incoming damage. also sounds like they were wearing upgraded gear... a good ol' fashioned lawless roflstomp. 

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Well, Grapeshot Studios and Studio Wildcard really hate people with a social life and a job,

They love 24/7 pro gamers who build gangbanggangs, as large as possible, 1000+ preferred.

They absolutely hate people defending their assets and they really love offline raiding trolls.

Thats why your walls are made of paper and break after a few shots. Thats why NPC defences are a joke and will be taken down by the next cannon bear... or the next naked raft sailor.

Possibly your raiders used grenades, their damage had been buffed and now they are OP, requiring zero skill.

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I've always thought that someone in the dev driving seat is either an ardent table top gamer or a massive fan of Risk, tbh.

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