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  1. fonias

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    This week im go alone to 20 and more treasure map quality 15. 20. 22. 23. 26 journeyman and masterwork a collect 60000 gold and 250 blueprint I had access to all the treasures because I had the Crab and Golden age is easy with Crab.
  2. i need legendary or mythical wood celling wall and roof 140 and more durability I pay very well
  3. fonias

    pve CLOSE

  4. fonias

    pve Closed

    20000 gold
  5. fonias

    pve Closed

    where exactly is the island ?
  6. fonias

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    WIDOWMAKER I understand you have a problem with NWO and you did well that they could not build their island after what they did to you but now no longer reside on this island leaving the Foundation believe you have a problem with me and you do not let me build my base and you do to me that the WNO did to you I want to believe that there will be a solution to this issue and that the problem is not on GM but it is to the players.
  7. fonias


    You the best I will come here this afternoon to take the Large + Small = 30000 gold Do you have mythical large gunport blueprint?
  8. i search mythical shipyard pre build or blueprint 200% and more
  9. fonias

    Kraken EU PVE

    Company name: Argonafts Boat: battle galleon 210%damage 212%resistance 181% cannon damage and 35 cannon Players joining: 1 maybe 3
  10. Sorry I'm in need 155 and more durability
  11. I pay very well for mythical or Legendary large gunport and large speed sails
  12. fonias

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    Yes WIDOWMAKER you complain for foundation spamming and you came for my island to b9 and place everywhere foundation and pilar I tell you for Island message plz destroy the foundation and pilar are you coming every day and place foundation Without any reason.this has to be changed because there are many like WIDOWMAKER who have nothing else to do and want to make life difficult for others