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  1. Es igual, te los van a borrar y todo fue Un Los Serrano.
  2. Ok i saw now, well bad then, in pve, must be an option to destroy unwanted structures past 12 hours.
  3. At least they are trying something... And the owner settlement can destroy past the 12 hours, just not with the menu wheel, with tools.. manually.
  4. They "project" to make changed with wipes, but not enough good to fix this bug months ago. We can´t believe a dev team not looking enough bug forums and says, at least, hey we are looking at it too, (can lie, you did before). Also the comunity manager is a bad joke.
  5. As the title says, you put your stuff in a container, all bp blue made, do a fast travel, without any item, do whatever, and back. Voilá, all your bp blue items are gone, welcome to the wipe. EU PVE Server, thanks for the love to the PVE Players.
  6. 283 discovery points here, more than 600 hours to this. Thinking seriously to not come back. Thanks to change early access in an alpha beta test paid.
  7. dont worry in less of a month, nothing you had, will be. All wiped.
  8. Also, after a tp, all my pets are gone even the furniture with the food, poofed, someone told me at my flag, cobras made a visit, seems they eat furniture now too. And they plan to make so big and bright changes to the core of this game, before fixing the bugs..., keep the good work to make this free to play. No render problem, the pets are killed from a closed recint by cobras, they spammed misteriosly inside, when in 4 months, they cannot do it.
  9. lol i had to log off, and now, again same problem, cant interact.
  10. The died and respam solution worked for me, but i cant reach my body lol, fallen between ship planks
  11. Same Here. At M8. Inside my ship, can´t open anything, inventory open and close instant. No coordinates on map. Can´t kill myself also, because afer 1 minute, I get kicked out for "no response client" message. Fix this asap, lot of people affected.
  12. Same happened here. After crossed server grid. The Elephant I tamed, go ahead, and poofed. No message about get killed, nothing, just poofed.
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