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  1. Guillaume Cousture

    Animals flying away off of ship

    I haven’t seen my two bears fly off, but they did just disappeared within 1 hour. Finding a solution to tame sliding off boat should be really high in the big fix list. It’s really hard to have fun when you lose a tame 20 minutes after taming it.
  2. Guillaume Cousture

    Disconnected every 1-2 minutes

    Hello, I'm disconnected from the game very often. Around 20 times in the last hour. I can log back in right away, but it still an issue. Is it happening to someone else? Anyway to fix it? My internet is fine. Some days, it happen a lot and I stop playing. Other days it never happen. I'd like to fix this or know if it's a known issue. Thanks
  3. Guillaume Cousture

    bug Send Tame To Ship - Vanishes

    The same thing happen to me. Sent de bear to the boat, I see it on the boat for 1 seconds then he slide to the water and disappear and die a few moments after. It happen twice in 3 days... You should look into it. It was a wild level 14, it’s a good thing it didn’t happen with our high level... yet.