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  1. I've beta-tested Atlas for over a year now, and while I fully understand that it's an early access game I don't see it as being in a particularly fit state to play with game-breaking bugs! I have sunk 740 hours into Atlas and it has been a mixture of fun and frustration, but most recently it has become really frustrating and the game feels completely pointless to me now. Sure I can live with the alpha lions that spawn in with the sole intent of killing off my lovingly raised tames, that's just the ARK effect. But when the game itself in its current state conspires to ruin your day I no longer find the grind to tame or build ships worthwhile or fun when they can be instantly taken way for no reason (or a bug). Recently I sunk several hours taming creatures only to have the game simply take them away while sailing between sectors (I went back and forth trying to find out where they went but couldn't find them) they simply disappeared from the decks along with all the resources in them that I'd spent ages sailing several sectors to gather. Last night I finished building a small warship to a specific (FireSpark) design using blueprinted items, from the multiple types of resources I'd gathered after hours of sailing the Atlas. I painted up my ship, proud of my finished project, stuck on a couple of cannons and sailed for a freeport to hire some crew. Well on my way home the game decided to just sink my ship, in the middle of open water far away from land - it hit something invisible and took catastrophic damage from nothing (no it wasn't even a whale). I looked all around underneath and couldn't see what was damaging my ship. I attempted to repair my ship and replace planks but there weren't any missing although it was sinking and my all my hours of hard work went down to Davy Jones locker for absolutely no reason. So I spent the next hour sailing (another ship) to recover the crew, a tame and all my personal affects (which also instantly disappeared as soon as I collected them). Now I wouldn't mind so much if it was sunk by a fleet of over-powered Ships of the Damned like what happened to the warship before it - I went down fighting - although I couldn't replace the planks on that either when it was sinking! But to simply lose all my hard work and even my items for no reason is the final nail in the coffin for me and Atlas. I didn't want to just quit the game and say nothing because in it's beta-state the devs really need to hear my feedback, so here it is. I will be leaving a revised review on Steam. If the devs or customer service reps wish to discuss more about my experiences with Atlas further then I'm happy to talk to them about it. I would have loved to carry on loving this game but I can't as it's broken my heart one too many times. TBH it's become too much of a broken game with too many game-breaking bugs to waste any more of my life playing.
  2. OK. I managed to fix it by running the pipe all the way down into the floor (instead of having it just reach to the grill). Water now flows thick and fast again.
  3. That's exactly what I did. I built a reservoir on the roof, laid the pipes down, then snapped the grill to the pipe. But it was very slow to fill up, whereas before it would make a bubbling sound and instantly refill. I'll try breaking and resnapping a grill to see if that fixes the problem.
  4. Yes I'm getting the exact same issue. A few weeks ago on officials I setup a grill with 3 connected reservoirs on the roof of the building and pipes going down to the grill and it almost instantly refilled with water after making recipes. It was awesome. I recently started the game again on an unofficial and have just made a similar setup and now it just slowly trickle-feeds the grill with water. Very frustrating indeed. Please, please, please fix this slow water irrigation to the grill bug and make it work like it was before.
  5. UPDATE: Shipshape & Bristol Fashion has moved server We are now setup on Ultimate Atlas UK server 5x5 PvPvE map with lots of open water for sailing and exploring. Link to server: (D4 - West Freeport) steam://connect/ Link to the GGO discord: https://discord.gg/rYJTk66 Our company is now signing up (UK/EU based) crew Grab your shipmates, climb aboard and we'll sail the Atlas together. SIGNUP HERE! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/AZpvgC4
  6. Returning to the Spear Maiden III with my horse
  7. NOW OFFERING 500 Gold to new crewmen/women who come and join Shipshape & Bristol Fashion as we explore the Atlas on GGO's server.
  8. How do you find new crew, or a company using the 'company directory' when there is such a vast list? It doesn't seem very searchable, or even if you make a comment within a company forum it still doesn't bump it to the top of the list with the 'Latest Activity' filter. What gives?
  9. Looking for new crew from the UK/EU to join our Atlas company SHIPSHAPE & BRISTOL FASHION on a safe and fun 4x4 PvE server. New players/beginners are very welcome.
  10. UPDATE: Shipshape & Bristol Fashion has moved server We are now setup on Genesis Gaming Online's [GGO Atlas] server 4x4 PvE (+1 PvP) map with lots of open water for sailing. Link to server: steam://connect/ Link to the GGO discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/kQj3nKM Our company is now signing up (EU based) crew Grab your shipmates, climb aboard and we'll sail for the 7 Seas together. SIGNUP HERE! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/36PkbY
  11. Not sure if you wanna sign up me old mucker? Come an ava chin-wag 'n brew with the crew.
  12. Ahoy there Crewman. We are Shipshape & Bristol Fashion (UK/EU) Here, 'ave some rum 'n come 'ere 'n tell us where ye hail from and where ye be headin'
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